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28 • THE ARTISAN SUMMER 2019 TONI-ANN WALKER Toni-Ann Walker enjoyed a long and illustrious career working on multiple films with Steve Martin, Jessica Lange, Russell Crowe, Jack Nicholson, Debra Winger, Johnny Depp, Will Ferrell, Uma Thurman, Al Pacino, Michelle Pfeiffer, Diane Keaton, Michael Douglas and Anjelica Huston, among others. Toni joined our Guild in 1978 while working at Universal Studios and became a journeyman of Local 706 in 1980. She made her indelible mark with legendary hair styling techniques, classical training, meticulous research and hair styles that reflect the characters they embody. Her artistry was focused not only on styling but also her clients' hair itself. Toni would always take great care in leaving her actors' hair in better shape then when she first met them. Toni's iconic hair styles are easily remembered in the many films she worked on such as The Postman Always Rings Twice, Scarface, Frances, Tootsie, Poltergeist, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, Chocolat, Anchorman and Gattaca. Toni's expert artistry as a master hair designer awarded her two Emmy nominations. She won a Make-Up Artists & Hair Stylists Guild Award for her beautiful work on Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde, and continued to garner another Guild Award nomination for the movie Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me. When you were not marveling at her virtuoso skills, you would be laughing at her quick wit, charm and sense of humor. When rushed by nervous producers to 'speed up' wig changes, she would simply hold up her hands and retort, "These are hands … not wands." On her off days, Toni would often donate her time and hair styling skills. You could often find her cutting hair at homeless shelters, homes for battered and abused women, or setting wigs at the Children's Hospital Los Angeles. She delighted in supporting the Hollygrove Orphanage in Hollywood by sending ice cream trucks for the kids. After a career spanning nearly four decades and 80 titles, Toni-Ann Walker retired in 2009 to pursue dreams of writing and approaching her new craft with the same passion and dedication she's always shown. TOM BURMAN Apprenticed with Ben Nye at 20th Century Fox Studios in 1966 and became assistant to John Chambers on Planet of the Apes in 1967. Chambers recommended Burman for full torso pros- thetics on the film A Man Called Horse. In 1973, Tom and Ellis Burman with Chambers started the first independent make-up effects studio serving film and TV. At that same time, they were developing work for the CIA, using our industry as a cover. Then, working on the three-part PBS series Primal Man, they had the unfortunate tragedy of losing the entire crew in an airplane crash. The Burmans created groundbreaking make-ups and effects for Phantom of the Paradise, Man Who Fell to Earth, Devil's Rain, Food of the Gods and A Man Called Horse 2. Tom took over Burman Studios and did Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Demon Seed, The Manitou, Invasion of the Body Snatchers and Prophecy. He shared credits with John Chambers and Dan Striepeke on The Island of Dr. Moreau. Against growing resistance from fellow make-up men, Burman stirred the pot and hired one of the first women make-up artists, Charlene Roberson, to create disguises for the William Shatner TV series Barbary Coast. He again broke ground and established the title "special make-up effects," which is still used today. When he and wife Bari Drieband Burman had a child, they rethought their careers and chose to concentrate on television work. The Tracey Ullman Show, Best of Tracey, Tracey Takes On..., The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, The X-Files, CSI (pilot), Buffy the Vampire Slayer (pilot), Chicago Hope, Grey's Anatomy and Nip/Tuck. Tom Burman has received 31 Emmy nominations, seven Emmy wins, one Oscar nomination, and four Saturn Award noms, with two wins. Proudly, Tom Burman has been directly responsible for the contributions to the training of some of Local 706's top make- up artists by sharing knowledge and discovering new materials (Burman Foam) to improve the work. Tom hired one of the first two women make-up artists. His documentary film Making Apes, honoring the crew that changed make-up history, will be shown at the NewFilmmakers LA Festival in August. make-up artists hair stylists Lifetime Achievement Award Nominees 2 0 2 0 M A K E - U P A R T I S T S & H A I R S T Y L I S T S G U I L D A W A R D S

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