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22 The Costume Designer Spring 2019 The Bonfire of the Vanities Common Costume Myths Dispelled Oh wardrobe! A wardrobe is a piece of furniture or 12th-century word for a closet. Text: Ivy Thaide Illustrations: Robin Richesson You are the Pretty Committee/ Glam Squad/The Vanities. Though the Costume Department can make people "glamorous" or "pretty," the design process can also call for "filthy," "monstrous," or even "looking like the living dead." Halloween must be your favorite holiday? We design costumes for characters all year long and even recreate the holiday of Halloween in our shows, so for some of us, October 31 is a day off. I would love to shop for a living! It's all fun and games till you need a Christmas sweater in July. It must be fun to keep all those clothes? As designers, we curate and collect for each individual project and each design is like a child. We have to let them live on.

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