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Unsung Audio Gear Artists and their tools. By Jennifer Walden I often hear audio post pros say the same thing when it comes to gear: "We're all using the same tools in the industry. I don't use anything that other people don't have, or don't have access to." While there may have be a degree of truth to that, creative pros are willing to try anything that gets them the results they desire. While many use the same DAW, there are others out there trying new things. We all might use a certain set of plug-ins, but there are lesser-known products available that could change the way we work What we agree on is it's the talent and skill of the artist that helps tools produce exceptional results. These talented pros talk about their gear-of-choice, some of which might be off the beaten path, and give us a look at how they use it to produce uncommonly-good sound. Silver Sound's Cory Choy working on Two Pints Lighter. His tool of choice is the DAW Reaper. 32 Post • February 2013 Post0213_032-35-audioMLV3finalread.indd 32 1/25/13 7:30 AM

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