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november 2018  /  the tasting panel  /  75 With the cocktail culture now seeming to collectively encourage the use of quality ingredients whenever pos- sible, Cinzano has launched its Respect the Drink campaign "to emphasize the importance of every aspect of a cocktail," according to Singh. While Cinzano is crafted to be enjoyed on its own, he says that "when mixed with other high- quality spirits, it can bring added depth and complexity to many cocktails." Cinzano makes the short list of go-to vermouths at The Butcher Shop, Chef Barbara Lynch's "boucherie" in Boston's South End neighborhood. General Manager Michaela Horan brings her 15 years of hospitality experi- ence to the establishment, integrating Cinzano into the cocktail list's seasonal and traditional offerings. "Cinzano is great utility spirit in our program, which highlights cor- dials and amari," Horan explains. "It's great in a Negroni, and I enjoy it in an Americano spritz with Campari and soda that's topped with Prosecco." According to Horan, Cinzano's versatility plays well into what The Butcher Shop's clientele are seeking from their favorite "neighborhood bar." "Our bar guests range from people enjoying a four-course meal with wine to a neighbor stopping in for a quick apéritif on their way home," she explains. "We focus on simply but expertly prepared dishes and drinks that showcase beautiful ingredients. Cinzano is wonderful because it plays well with others but can also be enjoyed by itself. It enhances, rather than disappears in, any cocktail." Pairing cocktails with food is a Butcher Shop specialty: When asked what Cinzano pairs best with, Horan's answer, resoundingly, is "cheese!" "I love a Cinzano Negroni with a hard Italian cheese, and a Cinzano Bianco on the rocks would be delicious with a creamy blue cheese," she continues. Singh's go-to pairing with Cinzano dry vermouth, meanwhile, is shellfish—particularly oysters—but he says the "Cinzano Rosso Vermouth [also] pairs well with sweet fruits." Considering that "every bottle of Cinzano is the result of three centuries of Italian passion and determination," according to Singh, it's easy to see how Cinzano's com- mitment to excellence gives the team at The Butcher Shop something to consistently aspire to. "Our goal is to always take the guest experience to the next level through hospital- ity. This might mean introducing someone to a new wine, serving the perfect steak, or suggesting a particular Cinzano vermouth or amaro to complement the end of a meal," Horan says. "We strive to achieve this with every guest who enters the building." As interest in fortified wines continues to expand, Cinzano's leadership envisions plentiful opportunities for growth in the company's near future. "The renewed global interest in gin, the evolution of cocktail culture, growth in fortified wines, and an increased demand for low-alcohol cocktails ensure that interest in vermouth will continue to expand," Singh says. "Coupled with these trends, Cinzano's iconic history and reputation of superior quality makes us very optimistic for the future." With a proven history of authenticity like Cinzano's, the dark ages of the category seem to be firmly and permanently relegated to the past. At The Butcher Shop, Michaela Horan enjoys featuring Cinzano Vermouth in the establishment's seasonal cocktails.

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