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August / September 2018

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{ } 81 Master Sommelier Michael Meagher once said "you can still do great things in board shorts and flip-flops," and having grown up in San Diego, I naturally concur. It turns out, though, that Meagher wasn't referring to southern California, instead referencing a sunshine-filled wine region in southern France: the Languedoc. Meagher, who serves as Chairman Emeritus of the Boston Sommelier Society (which he founded) and the principal/ owner of Sommelier On-Demand Hospitality Services, will lead a Languedoc-focused seminar at SommCon San Diego in November. During the Master Sommelier's recent visit to the area last year, he was struck by the recent influx of foreign investment, as well as the trend of winemakers moving into the Languedoc. While many are migrating for the weather—perhaps even a better quality of life—it's clear companies like Barons de Rothschild (Lafite) see potential waiting to be untapped in the region. It appears they're a tad late to the party: As representa - tives of a very tight-knit wine culture, the happy, sun-tanned producers in the Languedoc have been at it for thousands of years. In fact, one out of every three organic vineyards in France are located in the region. "You always just think of cheap, cheerful wine, but you don't think about this organic movement having its roots—pun intended—in the Langued - oc," Meagher says. "That's because they don't need anything else than what nature provides." PHOTO: GILLES DESCHAMPS PHOTO COURTESY OF MICHEAL MEAGHER Michael Meagher, MS, will lead a seminar on Languedoc wines at SommCon San Diego in November. The northern border of the Pic Saint-Loup AOP.

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