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departments on the cover Editor's Note Once a futuristic technology, virtual reality is becoming firmly rooted in the lives and culture of the early 21st century. Spotlight Ikinema tech part of Nvidia Holodeck, Vicon's Shõgun 1.2, Nvidia deep learning advancements, Blackmagic Design's DaVinci Resolve 15, WorldViz's Vizible & VizBox, Eon's Vue R5 & PlantFactory 2016 R5, OptiTrack's Prime Color, Nvidia's Isaac SDK expansion, Nvidia's Quadro GV100 GPU with RTX Viewpoint Twenty Years of Magic Ready Set Go Industrial Light & Magic and Digital Domain help Director Steven Spielberg create complex dystopian and virtual worlds for Ready Player One, including the OASIS and its believable avatars. 1 8 C O M P U T E R G R A P H I C S W O R L D CGW features 2 5 Visit for Web-only features and news POSTMAGAZINE.COM See it in Post | DIRECTOR DAVID LEITCH ON DEADPOOL 2 | NETFLIX'S LOST IN SPACE REBOOT | NAB IN REVIEW | DP/COLORIST RELATIONSHIP | SPECIAL REPORT: CAMERAS VFX and Television Studios are going big in terms of visual effects for the small screen. 23 7 30 32 34 24 Siren 26 Happy! 27 Dark 28 Black Lightning 29 The Tick In a Fortnite – Epic proves a real-time workflow with its Fortnite game trailer. Source Data – The ongoing problem of CAD model data conversion. Ready Set Go – A look inside the production of Ready Player One. Game Plan – Tips for developing a VR game. 16 19 8 22 Special Section: Virtual Reality Exploring the various challenges involved pertaining to VR production. Iced Out No More The Ice Hockey Research Group uses motion capture to study the effects of hockey on the body. Journey to the Cloud FuseFX finds the cloud an ideal solution for its aggressive project schedule. Ready to Go! The Third Floor helps visualize the action, characters, and rules of the road in Ready Player One.

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