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Summer 2018

The Location Managers Guild International (LMGI) is the largest organization of Location Managers and Location Scouts in the motion picture, television, commercial and print production industries. Their membership plays a vital role in the creativ

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We have so much nostalgia and love for this era. We really wanted to see something on television that was in the vein of the classic films we loved growing up: the Spielbergs, the John Carpenters, as well as the novels of Stephen King. What makes all of these stories so great to us—and so resonant—is that they all explore that magical point where the ordinary meets the extraordinary. When we were growing up, we were just regular kids, living in the suburbs of North Carolina, playing Dungeons and Dragons with our nerdy friends. But when we watched these films and read these books, we felt transported. Suddenly, our lives had the potential for adventure—maybe tomorrow we would find a treasure map in the a ic; maybe my brother would vanish into the TV screen. We really want to capture that feeling with Stranger Things. We want to bring that feeling to people who grew up on those films—and we also want to bring it to a whole new generation. –Ma Duffer, co-creator of Stranger Things " " Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven in the woods with the iconic boxes of Eggo waffles.

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