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June / July 2018

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{ } 75 introduce them to new wines and regions. Regular tasting helps to keep places and styles at the forefront of the mind. Each quarter, we feature new offerings that rep - resent a certain variety or winemaker and prepare a training session to help expand their knowledge. When available, I try to bring in winemakers to teach the team about their wines/wineries. Additionally, we ensure our staff is familiar with the tasting basics by reviewing the Court [of Master Sommeliers] grid and techniques. I notice you also offer some California wines—how do you go about selecting those? To complement our menu and "Riviera Soul" offerings, we worked on sourcing similar grapes from the "American Riviera": the Santa Barbara area. The view of the Las Vegas Valley is stunning from up here. Now that you have been working here for a while, do you still pay attention to the view, or is it just another day at work? How about your guests? Rivea's view looks out 64 stories above the Las Vegas Strip and is one of a kind. I always make mention of it to guests, often telling them I have the best office in town! I love being able to look out on the city during dinner service. It's truly amaz - ing and something I don't think I'll ever take for granted. If someone were dining at Rivea for the first time, which pairing experience would you suggest? For first-time diners, I would recom - mend the John Dory a la bouillabaisse. Currently, I love pairing it with a Cassis Blanc from Provence. This pairing always seems to pique people's interest. Also, as I mentioned earlier, the view is stunning—I highly recommend requesting a table on our patio or near a window. Q: Q: Q:

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