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June / July 2018

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Excerpts taken from the Italian Wine Scholar Manual WELCOME TO Five winemakers and winery proprietors have traveled from their vineyards and cellars in the far-flung valleys and hilltops of Italy to share the nuances, character, and—yes—even the secrets of their diverse realms. To bring their discussions to life, they've prepared class materials spanning six regions and various categories: sparkling, still, fortifed, red, white and rosé, conventional, sustainable, and organically farmed. Each of these expressions speaks to a sense of place that will bring us to Italy through virtual travel, and each also represents the life's work of the winemakers and families behind them. To pre- pare you for the semi-rigorous class load that awaits, we've compiled a set of study notes guaranteed to get you to the head of the class—or at least make you the teacher's pet! For more information, visit Where viniculture meets academia! LOCATIONS AND DATES Denver: July 15 ~ Napa: July 17 ~ Austin: July 19 CAMPAIGN FINANCED ACCORDING TO (EC) REGULATION NO. 1308/13

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