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{ } 85 Schladerer Williams Birne Pear Brandy Mushroom, ripe fruit, and honey char- acteristics define this complex spirit, made in copper stills since 1844 in a family-owned distillery in the pictur - esque Black Forest town of Staufen, Germany. "Most people assume that brandy is too fruity, too strange, or too old-fashioned for them," said Boiler Nine Bar Steward Daniel Arm - endariz while representing Schladerer. "Schladerer makes it easy to prove them wrong." These days, tours of the distillery's mash room and aging and filtration cellars draw brandy enthusiasts from around the world. Using only pears, yeast, and water, Schladerer creates a time-honored fruit brandy that's as lovely enjoyed as a traditional digestif as it is mixed in a lower-ABV cocktail. In Armendariz's cocktail, the Birne Sour, the brandy (34% ABV) complemented a simple mixture of lemon and lime juices, mint simple syrup, and egg white. Creamy yet light and fragrant with floral and fruity aromas, the drink comes alive with a sunburst of Angostura bitters for an unexpectedly thirst-quenching drink. Birne Sour 1½ oz. Schladerer Williams Birne Pear Brandy ½ oz. lemon juice ¼ oz. lime juice ½ oz. mint simple syrup 1 dash Angostura bitters Egg white The Panelists Said: Neat: Tastes like old pears; the more I drink it, the more it grows on me. Cocktail: Reminiscent of apple cider with a touch of bitter spice, which is nice. —Thomas Ward Neat: Aromatic with a viscous body. Slightly chocolatey on the finish. Cocktail: Nice, fresh pear flavor with structured tannin. —Jessica Sanders Mezan XO Jamaica Rum This rich, peppery, and straw-colored Jamaican rum tastes redolent of ripe bananas and caramelized sugar with hints of candied ginger. A blend of aged rums from several Jamaican distilleries, Mezan is aged again in oak upon blend - ing, creating a light-bodied rum with notes of nutmeg, cinnamon, lemon peel, and vanilla that play well in cocktails. "Just a hint of ginger finishes it off, leaving your mouth a bit dry and ready for more," said Armendariz, who also reps the brand. His drink, XO Paradise, combined Mezan XO Rum with ginger beer, lime, and banana- infused simple syrup. "The syrup goes well in cocktails and on top of ice cream, too," he added. "Bring a cup of water almost to a boil, stir in a cup of sugar, then add a sliced green banana and simmer for five minutes. Add a sliced yellow banana, stir, allow to cool, and strain out the solids." The Panelists Said: Neat: Powerful nose; distinctly Jamaican. Strong funk of overripe bananas. Cinnamon spice, ginger, fresh vanilla bean. Cocktail: I enjoy the rum and ginger together. —Steph Teslar Neat: Nose offers banana, tropical fruits, and burnt sugar ; tastes of banana bread and a little baking spice. Spicy finish is prob- ably from the combo of bourbon casks during the aging process. Cocktail: Fresh, bright summer cocktail with nice spice, more banana, and upfront citrus that complements the ginger. Very delicious and crisp. —Dustin Bolf Daniel Armendariz, Bar Steward at host venue Boiler Nine, represented two brands: Schladerer and Mezan Rum. Daniel Armendariz's cocktail, the Birne Sour. The XO Paradise cocktail made with Mezan XO Rum. XO Paradise 1½ oz. Mezan XO Rum ¾ oz. banana simple syrup ¾ oz. lime juice 1 oz. ginger beer

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