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june 2018  /  the tasting panel  /  95 While many distilleries ship in sugarcane from faraway lands, Richland Rum grows its own crop on its sugarcane plantation in Richland, Georgia. The only continuously producing single-estate rum distillery in the United States, Richland Estate sits on sandy soil that receives both intense sun and rain during the summer: the perfect condi- tions for sugarcane. Resting in toasted and charred American virgin white oak barrels for four-plus years, the Single Estate Old South Georgia Rum, or the "Classic," tells a story distinct to this region and its terroir. Having perfected the art of making rum since 1999, Richland Estate Proprietor Erik Vonk—who gained a passion for rhum agricoles from his grandfather—decided to add three more expressions to the Richland Rum portfolio: Single Estate Virgin Coastal Georgia Rum ($49), Chateau Elan Port Cask Exchange Rum, and the Terrapin Double IPA Cask Exchange Rum. Resting for just 60 days in the new American white oak barrels, the Virgin Coastal Rum offers the floral and vegetal notes of Georgian sugarcane. Richland Estate's "cask exchanges" lend out Richland Rum barrels that held rum for three years to fellow artisan Georgia-based producers Terrapin Brewing Company and Chateau Elan Winery. As those establishments age their Double IPA and Port, respectively, in the barrels, their products take on warm rum and oak characteristics. A year later, after the beer and Port have been bottled, the barrels are returned to the distillery to be refilled with the rum they originally held, allowing the spirit to mature for one additional year. The flavor and aroma exchanges add leather and tobacco notes from the Port and malty, hoppy layers from the Double IPA. Although Georgia may not be the first place a guest names when they think of rum, they'll surely add the Peach State to their lists after experiencing the smoothness and depth of Richland Rums. Georgia on My Mind: Richland Rum Tasting Notes Richland Single Estate Coastal Georgia Rum ($59) has an herbal nose with lemon-lime zing, sweet maize-y notes, and unique flavors of vanilla musk, Bosc pears, and cashew. It's a spicy experience with a wonderful mouthfeel. 93 —M.M. Richland Single Estate Old South Georgia Rum Chateau Elan Port Cask Exchange ($79) has a bouquet of sandal- wood that's deep and resin-y. There's a hint of green pepper and spearmint on the upper palate while apricot and mango play into the middle. Seductive! 94 —M.M. Richland Single Estate Old South Georgia Rum, Terrapin Double I.P.A. Cask Exchange ($79) is a single-barrel, 86-proof rum that proffers a well of depth, starting with a nose of jasmine, maple-infused oatmeal, and burnt mandarin orange peel. Lean minerality surges on the palate sparked by black pepper and cedar. A backdrop of ripe peaches and banana stays through the finish. 94 —M.M. RICHLAND DISTILLING CO.

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