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june 2018  /  the tasting panel  /  77 CARI HAH Bar Manager at Big Bar at the Alcove Café, Los Angeles, CA Jack Black Book Appearance: Featured in Vol. I with her "Adulting Jack & Coke" made with Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 On What Makes Jack Daniel 's a Classic: "Jack Daniel's is one of the very first whiskies that most people will ever drink. For me, a classic is something that is enduring and has reached an echelon of prestige and notoriety. You can walk in anywhere and find it: a neighborhood bar, a dive bar, a high-class cocktail bar. It basically spans any age gap, race gap, or socioeconomic situation—everybody knows and drinks Jack Daniel's. In that way, it has a very enduring presence in our industry and in the world at large. That, to me, makes it an ultimate classic." What She Drinking: "Jack Daniel's Tennessee Rye has that very iconic banana note, that tropical aroma. It's a little spicier than the Old No. 7. I tend toward more spicy things than sweet, anyway, which is why I like the rye for 'me time.' It's also really fun to mix with because you can go tiki, you can do classic stirred cocktails . . . You can do any sort of cocktail that you want with it." Jack Daniel 's is Like . . . "the cellist in an orchestra. You need the cello to provide rich, deep notes for all the high notes that come from the violin section. It also plays a beautiful melody all on its own." Cari Hah, Bar Manager at Big Bar in Los Angeles' Los Feliz neighborhood, attributes the "classic" status of Jack Daniel's to its ubiquity in bars and cocktails around the world. Sinatra Legacy Lives on with New Compilation Album As bartenders honored Frank Sinatra with Jack Daniel's in Las Vegas, the cultural icon also sees his legacy live on through a new compilation album that was, fittingly enough, partially recorded just down the street from the Sinatra Supper Club event at The Wynn. If delving deeper into the world of Frank Sinatra appeals to you—and it should—you're in luck, as Standing Room Only is a great place to start. The three-CD set, which is also available for download or on streaming services, includes a show from The Sands Hotel and Casino in 1966 along with previously unreleased recordings from two concerts in the '70s and '80s. "Sinatra's music has always been a part of my father's life, and he made sure that magic was not lost on me," Jack Daniel's U.S. Ambassador ET Tecosky says. "That connec- tion has made many great memories from my childhood to present day. It's natural to not want to dig what your parents did, but when it comes to Frank Sinatra, they were right." For more information, visit

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