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June 2018

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6  /  the tasting panel  /  june 2018 Lake County has a reputation as a Northern California wine region that's a bit off the grid compared to Napa and Sonoma. But thanks to the recent launch of its new website, it's time for this unique area to continue to step out of the shadows that have obscured its many contributions to the wine industry. Via the website, members of the trade and consumers can now access a wealth of information on the diverse terroir, as well as the local growers and producers, of this mountain-rimmed paradise. The home of the largest natural freshwater lake located entirely in California and a premier destination for avid bass fishermen, Lake County has also proven it belongs on the world stage as a winegrowing region. Master Sommelier Bob Bath, an outspoken Lake County proponent, says the reason its wines largely fly under the radar is "primarily because the grapes have traditionally ended up in non-Lake County appellation wines. As a result, Lake County has been busy making everybody else look good and hasn't made as much of an impact in the marketplace with its own appellations." The vineyards of Brassfield Estate Winery in the High Valley AVA sit in the mountains north of Clear Lake, where they benefit from clean air and intense sunlight. by Diane Denham / photos by Nathan DeHart

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