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Endless Frontier Exploring an CATEGORY REPORT One of America's greatest assets has been its ability to serve as a blank slate for cre- atives throughout its history. The colonists didn't just rebel against the British—they rebelled against the traditions of where they came from. As a country, we were never tied to the notion of "that's the way it has always been done" as we sought liberation from traditions, rituals, and rules that had been handed down for generations. As a melting pot of immigrants from around the world, the United States also became a place where cultures melded freely in everything from food to music as uniquely-American twists were added to old customs. This passion for innovation hasn't wavered over the past few centuries, especially in regards to the evolution of the modern spirits industry. U.S.-based spirits producers push boundaries across categories not only because they can, but because their audience requires they continuously venture into unchar- tered territory. By channeling sources of inspiration from all over the globe, distillers look to the future to foresee how they can elevate their products beyond consumers' wildest expectations. AMERICAN BEVERAGE COMPANIES CONTINUE TO PUSH SPIRITS FORWARD ACROSS ALL CATEGORIES by Emily Coleman 108  /  the tasting panel  /  may 2018

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