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Harold McGovern, Executive Vice President for the Northwest Hayden O���Shea, Executive Vice President, General Manager, California Hayden O���Shea, Executive Vice President, General Manager, California, points to the sense of empowerment and the entrepreneurial spirit that exists within in the Young���s organization as the keys to their success in the on premise. ���Young���s is unique to the industry and, in my experience, unique in the business world, O���Shea observes. ��� For O��� Shea and his team, it���s about ���nding the balance between what���s best for a customer���s business and building their brands. ���By doing that, our value grows with every customer whether they are large or small, he says. ��� As he settles into his new role as General Manager of California, where each of the three business units he directs���Northern California, Southern California and the chain and club business���can be larger than another state combined, O���Shea���s biggest challenge is to balance his team between established core brands and, at the same time, identifying and focusing on rising stars. Vern Underwood Jr. and his son Chris Underwood at the in-house bar at the Tustin, CA headquarters of Young���s Market Company. tor in the United States, with operations in California, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Idaho, Utah, Montana, Arizona and Wyoming. To name all the brands Young���s represents would practically ���ll this magazine, but the ���rm���s success has been founded on four pillars: Family, Integrity, Entrepreneurial Spirit and Quality. ���It���s a close family organization and we always try to do the right thing,��� says Vern. That family spirit is evident throughout the company���s 4,000 employees, but perhaps is best illustrated by Executive Vice President Mark Sneed. ���I was hired in 1971 and never sought employment from another company since,��� Sneed says. ���Other employees have been with Young���s for 20 and 30 years. Why would we all stay here so long? Because the family cares about their company and their employees. When people ask me who I work for, I���m proud to say I���ve worked for Young���s PHOTO: TOM ZASADZINSKI As Executive Vice President for Young���s in the Paci���c Northwest, Harold McGovern directs a market that has undergone signi���cant changes in the last six months. ���Now that Washington has converted from a control state to an open state, the consumer experience there is dramatically different and we���re ramping up resources to build a winning culture to cover both wine and spirits. ��� To do that, McGovern, can leverage best practices from across the company���s ten-state footprint. ���Wine is growing at four to ���ve percent and as a company, we���re growing both by value and volume but it���s too early to gauge the impact of the change on the spirits side, he con���rms. ��� With spirits sales ���at to slightly up in Washington, McGovern sees that the increased access of 1,500 licenses has not dramatically changed consumption habits. ���Consumers have strong consumption patterns for wine as a whole, and the activity in the market has raised the bar, he said. Local producers also ��� in���uence consumers and the retail trade and his customer base in the Paci���c Northwest is well-versed in wine, spirits and micro brews. Market for over 40 years.��� That overriding feeling of family is exempli���ed with Young���s many incentive programs, including scholarships for the children of employees. In addition, Janet is involved with the Underwood���s many philanthropic activities, ���. . . especially if they concern any of our employees,��� she adds with pride. Indeed, the Underwoods are the very personi���cation of their company���s four pillars. ���We always look at things long term,��� notes Chris. ���And that goes with our relationships with our suppliers and our customers. Integrity is extremely important in keeping these long-term relationships and representing quality products and having quality employees who believe in those products. There���s a reason we���re still here after 125 years and that���s because of our entrepreneurial spirit. And it���s my job to make sure that continues. Our motto is to be ���The Best In The West.��� That���s what will keep us here for another 125 years.��� december 2012 / the tasting panel / 9

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