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December 2012

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Iceberg Cucumber The 12,000-year-old glacial water used to make this brand new vodka is harvested from icebergs loating in the Arctic Ocean. Handcrafted in Labrador and Newfoundland, the vodka has crystalline clarity and a lightweight, oily-textured body. Its generous nose is imbued with the straightforward aroma of garden-fresh cucumbers. There���s no mistaking its aromatic imprint. The vodka has a delicate vegetal, cucumber lavor that thankfully lingers on the palate for a remarkably long time. Admiral Imports SKYY Infusions Dragon Fruit This succulent spirit is made with dragon fruit, an alien-looking superfruit rich in antioxidants that grows in tropical forests. Introduced in 2011, the vodka is crafted through a proprietary process that infuses all natural dragon fruit lavors into smooth, premium vodka. The spirit has a vanilla, pear and strawberry bouquet and an exotic lavor that���s a cross between Bartlett pears and fresh strawberries with light spicy notes on the inish. Comb Vodka Campari America ZING Red Velvet This palate-pleasing vodka is exactly what it sounds like���a delicious liquid version of the classic confection. The crystal clear spirit has a lightweight, velvety textured body and a cherry and vanilla nose with light cocoa notes. It immediately bathes the palate with the lavor of red velvet cake plus a welcome 70-proof zing on the inish. It is an irresistible gustatory treat, and in the hands of a talented mixologist, it has unlimited creative applications. Zing Spirits Comb Vodka is a rarity in today���s marketplace. It���s not a lavored vodka; instead, it���s a vodka with lavor. And its lavor is not contrived or synthetic; rather, the handcrafted vodka is distilled from honey, one of the oldest foods on the planet. At StilltheOne Distillery, a small family-owned operation located along the Byram River in Westchester County, NY, Master Distiller Ed Tiedge and family ferment orange blossom honey from Florida into mead���honey wine���using winemaking techniques. After the mead has reached an alcohol content of 11%, it is transferred into a traditional pot still and twice distilled. Comb is a crystal clear, sophisticated spirit with loads of character: velvety textured, mediumweight body and a subtle loral and honey nose. The soft, cool entry quickly expands illing the mouth with the irresistible lavor of red plums, citrus and honey. The lingering inish is warm, dry and honeycomb delicious. Stilltheone Distillery LLC december 2012 / the tasting panel / 129

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