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Via Italiana by Rachel Burkons / photos by Erica Bartel T FERRARELLE IS ALL ITALIAN, ALL THE TIME 1 16 / the tasting panel / december 2012 here are many wonderful Italian restaurants in Los Angeles, but few are more authentic than Terroni, where cured meats and imported cheeses hang in a glass case invitingly while The Beautiful People dine on fresh pastas and perfectly thin pizzas. Another sign of the restaurant���s authenticity? Peppered throughout the restaurant, next to the glasses of Nebbiolo and Falanghina, bottles of Ferrarelle are opened���water that���s as Italian as it gets. ���In Italy, everyone knows Ferrarelle,��� explains West Coast Brand Ambassador Carlo Guzman; ���it���s like the Coca-Cola of Italy.��� While Ferrarelle is unquestionably the favorite water on Italy���s dinner table, in the United States, Guzman has the unique task of raising awareness among consumers and trade alike, who might not be familiar with the unique charms of this Italian staple. ���The Ferrarelle story is really interesting,��� Guzman attests, citing the water���s unique underground volcanic source as one of many unique facts about Ferrarelle, in addition to the generation-aftergeneration of workers in Campania committed to sharing their water with the world. Naturally carbonated through an underground hot spring, Ferrarelle���s ine, persistent bubbles resemble those of champagne, and with a near-neutral pH and bright minerality, the water has found more Ferrarelle West Coast Brand uses on-premise than just Ambassador Carlo Guzman. as a thirst quencher. ���A lot of sommeliers really enjoy the mineral content and praise it as a natural palate cleanser,��� continues Guzman. ���It���s more suitable for wine pairings and tastings than other sparkling mineral waters on the market.��� While quality water has certainly found its place with the wine professional, in his day-to-day visits to accounts, Guzman claims there���s another industry segment with water on the brain: ���Chefs love us,��� he says. ���Because we have a lot less sodium than other waters, chefs know that Ferrarelle is not going to overpower their food���and obviously they like that,��� he continues with a laugh. But for Guzman, the water wars are just beginning. ���On the streets and in the premium retail space, water is huge,��� he explains. ���But at the restaurant level, we���re still working to educate. As with the craft cocktail movement, and what���s happening with ice there, the trade is starting to pick up on these things, but it is still a little slower.��� Although it���s moving slowly, the Ferrarelle train is deinitely on the run. ���People are really starting to consider the water that they���re putting in their bodies more closely. Your body is 70% water���why wouldn���t you want to have the best water you could get?���

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