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For Members 14 SAG-AFTRA | Spring 2018 | N egotiating contracts is one of the union's most important jobs — and it all begins with members. Through the wages and working conditions process, commonly known as W&W, members weigh in on the issues most important to them. This helps create the framework used by the negotiating committees as they try to reach an agreement with employers. A number of the union's most important contracts are progressing through the process: • Sound Recordings has completed its W&W and will go into negotiations in late April. It covers sound recordings on CDs, digital and vinyl, and includes all music formats as well as cast albums and any other sound recordings utilizing vocal performance. • The Network Television Code is in the W&W process and will go into negotiations in late May. The code covers dramatic programs other than network primetime, daytime serials, promotional announcements, variety, quiz, game, reality, talk, sports and other non-dramatic programs. • The W&Ws for the Commercials Contracts will be starting in late summer or early fall. Check your local web page and emails for specific dates in your area. Find out more about SAG-AFTRA contracts at SAG-AFTRA CONTRACTS NEED YOU S AG-AFTRA's industry-changing efforts to bring direct deposit of residuals to its members is ramping up, with the program rolling out at numerous locals nationwide this year. The rollout began in some smaller markets, including Colorado, Twin Cities, Portland, New Orleans, Nevada, Michigan, New Mexico, Arizona-Utah and San Diego with more on the way. Announced last year, the direct deposit initiative is an opt-in program in which participating members' residuals will be aggregated across studios and payroll houses and deposited into their bank accounts weekly. Members can view images of their residuals checks, stubs and statements online, and they will get an email notifying them each time a deposit is made. To make the program a reality, SAG-AFTRA entered into a multiyear agreement with Exactuals LLC, a third-party payment processing company, to facilitate the delivery of residuals via direct deposit. Local members will be notified when direct deposit is available in their area. Please keep an eye on your email for word on when it will available in your market, as well as instructions on how to register. ARE YOU THINKING OF RUNNING FOR SAG-AFTRA OFFICE? I n order to meet the May dues period good-standing eligibility requirement to be nominated for election as a national officer, National Board member or local board member, members should ensure that their May 2018 dues bill payment is received by SAG-AFTRA no later than June 11, 2018. Payments received after June 11, 2018, may affect your eligibility to vote, nominate and run in elections, and participate in referenda. Timely payment entitles you to participate in union activities and receive member benefits, and also ensures that you will not be charged late payment fees. When you receive your May dues bill, we urge you to make payment of your dues right away through one of our convenient payment options, including our online payment system at For questions regarding eligibility, please contact SAG-AFTRA at (323) 549-6676. SAG-AFTRA WILL FIGHT ON AFTER IMDB LAW SETBACK C alifornia's law to combat age discrimination in casting — commonly called the "IMDb law" — has been invalidated, but SAG-AFTRA is promising an appeal. AB 1687 — which gave IMDb Pro subscribers the right to opt-out of having their age information published without their consent on that subscription site as well as on the freely available website — was struck down on Feb. 20 by a federal judge. In concluding that AB 1687 violated the First Amendment, the court's ruling minimized both the massive impact of age and gender discrimination on all working performers as well as the commercial nature of IMDb's database publishing operation. SAG-AFTRA expressed its extreme disappointment with this lower court decision and vowed to defend the law on appeal in collaboration with the California attorney general and with the help of industry allies. "Regrettably, the court's ruling failed to recognize the massive impact that age discrimination has on performers and others in the industry — something I have personally experienced," SAG-AFTRA President Gabrielle Carteris said. "SAG-AFTRA members understand there would be an immediate and significant reduction in age discrimination within the industry as a result of the change we were seeking." DIRECT DEPOSIT EXPANSION UNDERWAY

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