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April/May 2018 29 Acupuncture Natural Health Center 5,000 YEARS OF SUCCESS Acupuncture has worked successfully for 5,000 years. Dr. Lijun Zheng, a graduate of acupuncture in China, has been practicing acupuncture & qigong daily for 25 years and developed a unique style. A renowned speaker and author of numerous published articles, Dr. Zheng now has an office in Santa Monica offering a warm, friendly atmosphere with soothing music for relaxation. Successful treatment of pain • stress • fatigue • insomnia • skincare menopause • immunity • weight loss • smoking • allergies • kidney/ bladder & digestive disorder. Free initial consultation! Most insurance accepted. 310.828.5288 2504 Santa Monica Blvd. Santa Monica 90404 www.acunaturalcenter.com email@acunaturalcenter.com LAW OF ATTRACTION COACHING DAVID S. BARTKY CERTIFIED LAW OF ATTRACTION LIFE COACH The Law of Attraction is always responding to you, that's why it's vital to fully understand it and learn processes and techniques which keeps it working in your favor. I am an experienced and certified Law of Attraction Life Coach. Through powerful phone coaching sessions, I help my clients not only attract what they want (i.e., more money, better jobs, relationships, increased sales, more clients, etc.) but also to genuinely feel happier and more excited about life. If you're ready to say "Yes" to improving your life, please contact me. David Scott Bartky Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach 973.444.7301 david@lifecoachdavid.com www.lifecoachdavid.com COLONICS NORA SIERRA, CERTIFIED COLON HYGIENIST Colon hydrotherapy is a safe, effective method for removing waste from the large intestine. By introducing water into the colon, the waste is softened and loosened, resulting in evacuation through natural peri- stalsis. This gentle process is repeated within a 45-minute session. Colon hydrotherapy best benefits the body when used in combina- tion with adequate nutrient and fluid intake as well as exercise. Today's sophisticated technology makes this health practice both safe and sanitary. Mon–Fri 8–4, Sat 1–6 • Prepay 3 colonic sessions and SAVE Se habla Español Visa & MasterCard Member International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy (I-ACT) since 1994 Healthy Options 310.202.1682 4232 Overland Ave., Culver City 90230 Colon Hydrotherapy HEALTH BEGINS IN THE COLON Colon Cleansing improves gut function, mental and physical vitality, and works in harmony with your daily health regimen. Begin cleans- ing and detoxing now! We can help you through your process. Raindrop Treatment, Bio Mat Detox System, colon cleanse products and more. Open 7 days; accept credit cards/check/cash "Thru Body Z Alive I have reformed, rebuilt and revitalized my life. The experience is not just about colon cleanse, it's about life style." —DJ Motiv "Calm, down-to-earth humor and knowing guidance make the expe- rience as easy as it can be." —SMG, Santa Monica 310.587.2639 1137 2nd Street, Ste. 205, Santa Monica 90403 www.bodyzalive.com Bodywork & Healing professional services directory Coaching Max Nuñez MSW — Coach and Consultant ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIP COMPATIBILITY (COUPLES AND SINGLES) & LIFE PURPOSE/CAREER SPECIALIST With couples who have a sustainable relationship, I will analyze your compatibility, the joys and challenges, and give strategies to upgrade your compatibility for enhanced relationship satisfaction. With singles, I'll analyze your compatibility with someone you are dating or on a website. You'll know the degree of compatibility even before you meet. For your Purpose of Life/Career work, we combine your unique in- nate gifts, values, and passion. I work only within the scope of my Coach/Consultant practice. I am also mental health informed for referrals out, if needed. Try me out free of charge for a 30 minute informal consulta- tion, either on the phone or in person. I have 35 years of experience and work expediently. 424.318.9619 compatibleheartscoach@gmail.com Break Free of Limitations & Find Your Soul's Purpose When the soul senses it's veering off its intended path of awaken- ing, it may give you a "wake-up call." Don't wait for the call to be- come a demand! Vibrational Medicine can powerfully assist you to clear obstructions, overcome dense patternings and connect to your Higher Self. Utilizing safe and effective hands-on techniques, I will help you open, balance, realign and reconnect your entire chakra system, setting up prime conditions for deep healing from emotional challenges, depres- sion, eating disorders, addiction or even acute physical illness. "Daniel is a true transformational agent." ~ W.D. Certified Healing Touch Practitioner Official healer for WLT 2001—present 310.622.3734 Daniel P. Marra, CHTP www.mind-body-spirit-integration.com

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