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of Southern Africa flames were creating great billows of smoke in the sky that were spotted by the Spring- bok and the Giraffes. As they ran to the only watering hole for miles they were greeted by fearful Cheetahs and Zebras. Filled with worry for their little ones huddling close, they watched as the fire burned the beautiful land as it moved closer. In the Sacred Baobab Tree, the frightened Sparrows and Starlings paced as they watched along with the Leopards bewildered by the flames leaping high in the African night sky. Soon the Elephants, the Reebok and the Black Rhinos thundered over to the group of ani- mals growing larger every minute around the watering hole. The baby animals clinging to their mothers cried out, "Grandfather Rhino, what's happening?" The Drongo birds in the tree cried, "Elder Ele- phants, what are we to do?" The animals were so consumed with worry they did not see the little hummingbird filling her tiny beak with water and flying swiftly to the fire. They were so overwhelmed with panic, they didn't see her drop- ping the water onto the flames, flying back and forth filling her beak to speedily soar to the blazes. They didn't perceive her little body never tiring and con- tinuing to sprinkle her teeny gift. Finally, the animals looked over and noticed their little flying friend so busily dipping her beak into the water. The wise Leopard in the Baobab Tree asked, "Little Hummingbird, with your beak so small and the flames so ferocious, what in Heaven are you doing?" The little Hummingbird answered, Deep in the Kalahari Desert… "I'm doing what I can." *African fable

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