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32 ADVOCATE | SPRING 2018 Association Governance Retired Candidates Julie Horwin President, AEA-Retired. It's my duty to work for YOU. To listen to you, engage in political action, outreach to members, communication about your pension, ASRS, policies, & the politicians who impact them. Qualifications? Honesty, energy, work ethic, follow-through, team-builder, & organizer, Website Editor, E-News editor. Please vote for HARD WORKER! Ken Freed I am Ken Freed, AEA-R Secretary. I have served on the AEA-Retired Board of 10 years and would appreciate your consideration and your vote for delegate to the NEA Representative Assembly! Thank you for electing me to attend last year, and I ask you to ...Vote for Ken...again!! Marilyn Freed I continue my commitment and belief in our Association. I have attended NEA-Retired Annual Meetings in New Orleans, Chicago, Orlando, Denver and Washington, as well as having been elected to represent you on the AEA-Retired Board. In order to continue my service, I need you to Vote for Marilyn Freed! MaryAnn Goodluck No statement submitted. Robert Johan A long-time Association activists, I currently serve as the NEA-R's Yavapai Chapter chair. Former NEA Legislative Committee chair, B.o.D., and Resolutions Committee member. It would be an honor to represent YOU and other AEA-Retired members at this year's NEA-RA! Please consider me for one of your votes! Barbara Matteson Education Funding, Adequate Health Care, Betsy DeVos, Racism, Pre K, the issues are many. I would like to be part of the discussion / decisions at the NEA RA that deal with these, and other issues. Decisions that affect all of us. I would appreciate your vote. Christy Sainz I would love the opportunity to represent our members at the NEA-RA this July. I have been an AEA/Tucson EA member for 15 years; serving on the EMC Task Force, EMC Chair, Latino Outreach Cadre, eSWAG, Region 1 Director, and the Tucson EA BOD. Thanks for your support. Election District N Eboney McKinney I am currently State Elections Chair, Region 12 director, and President of Sierra Vista CTA. I'd be honored to represent our region on the RA floor! I'm an active participant at NEA-RA. Know that a vote for me, is a vote for you! Thank you for your consideration! Member Talk It seems almost too good to be true, but the bill passed out of the House last month. It is sponsored by Representative Paul Boyer (Republican, District 20), chairman of the House Education Committee, and was developed with various stakeholders. The Arizona Education Association played a large role in bringing the issue forward and building support for the policy, including acquiring policy guidance from nationally recognized linguistics and language expert Dr. Eugene Garcia. According to AEA Government Relations Director Stephanie Parra, support is strong for the bill and debate is focused on making sure the bill conforms to legal requirements from the Flores case. After so many years of policies which compromise public schools, the education profession and our students, it is hard for me to trust that this bill will make it into law. For once, though, I am unequivocally hopeful, and considering the possibilities for my future Emmanuels. You can track the bill at, and don't forget to call your legislator's office and express your opinion on the bill. Amethyst Hinton Sainz Mesa Education Association member Reprinted from n Continued from p. 5. Join the Arizona Education Association Retired Local Retire from your position– not from your profession! Your Statewide Local • AEA Retired lobbies the Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS) to protect and improve your pension benefi ts and hold down health care costs. • AEA Retired and NEA work to protect Social Security, Medicare and pension plans. • AEA Retired lobbies legislators on issues related to retirees and education. • Membership makes you automatically eligible for NEA member benefi ts. You must be a member to maintain benefi ts you now have. What does AEA Retired do? For membership information, please call Shirley Boswell at (602) 696-2458

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