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SPRING 2018 | ADVOCATE 21 Local Perspective Scottsdale Education Association President Announces "No Confidence" in Superintendent and Governing Board S cottsdale Education Association (SEA) President Julie Cieniawski announced that 92% of those responding to an SEA survey conducted in December voiced "no confidence" in current District leadership when asked: "I have no confidence in Dr. Birdwell" and "I have no confidence in our school governing board." The no-confidence results were presented by President Julie Cieniawski at the Scottsdale Unified School District (SUSD) Governing Board Meeting on January 16, 2018. Past presidents standing in support of the current president included Rony Assali (2012-15) who stated: "In the past, working together was a reality but now it isn't even in the picture." Anne Hanson (2010-12) said, "The community has lost faith in district administration. I cannot imagine an override being renewed under the current management." Also standing in support of the current SEA president was Eric Kurland (2006- 2009) who is currently running for a legislative seat in LD-23 stated: "My goal is to influence change at the state level so that teacher and student needs get the attention and funding they deserve. With, at best, the appearance of and, at worst, actual criminal improprieties occurring, these individuals need to step down as a matter of public trust." Since this announcement, SUSD Superintendent Birdwell has been placed on administrative leave after the Arizona Attorney General filed a lawsuit against the district amid procurement violations. Prior to this, two top administration officials resigned pending conflict of interest investigations. At the time of this publication, SUSD administrator and former Florence Unified School District Superintendent Amy P. Fuller was named interim superintendent of SUSD. n

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