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SPRING 2018 | ADVOCATE 13 AT THE CAPITOL T he Arizona Education Association announced its endorsement of Dr. David Garcia for Governor of Arizona in the 2018 election in a press conference at AEA headquarters. The recommendation was made after a vote from the AEA Fund Council. This past winter, AEA held candidate forums across the state around education issues facing Arizona. Over a thousand participants attended AEA's four statewide town halls to hear from and ask questions of the Democratic gubernatorial candidates about school funding, vouchers, and addressing the state's teacher shortage crisis. "The pressure to effectively teach while resources and support decline, and expectations and limitations increase, is a huge part of why I believe teachers are leaving our state," says Madison Classroom Teachers Association President and kindergarten teacher Amy Ball. "Teacher working conditions are student learning conditions. Our teacher heroes and the students we entrust in their care deserve better." "Most people encourage the next generation to join their profession," says Glendale Union Education Association President and high school English teacher Amber Gould. "But that sentiment is few and far between here in Arizona. We need a governor who will help change this view and make public education a priority." "Governor Ducey is ignoring our state's teacher shortage crisis, leaving our students without teachers in crumbling buildings," says AEA President Joe Thomas. "Arizona voters have made it clear that education is their number one priority. It's time we had someone who will prioritize education leading our state. It's time we had an educator for governor and I believe that David is uniquely qualified to ensure Arizona's children get the education they deserve." "My sisters and brothers at the Arizona Education Association have fought for kids and schools for years amidst constant attacks and disrespect. It is a tremendous honor to have the endorsement and support of the Arizona Education Association. Their support means the world to me as a fellow educator," said David Garcia, candidate for Governor. "Today educators are standing up and saying 'no more!' It is a great day for me to say to teachers and school support staff across Arizona, I will fight with you, and we will win." Dr. Garcia is an Arizona native and product of Mesa Public Schools. The former Associate Superintendent of Public Instruction for Standards and Accountability, Garcia is widely regarded as a national expert on education policy and research. He currently teaches future education leaders at Arizona State University and has two daughters in public schools. n AEA Endorses David Garcia for Governor The AEA Fund for Public Education Endorses David Garcia for Governor of Arizona

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