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Become a Cyber Lobbyist Get connected to Arizona's largest and most effective cyberlobbying network sup- porting children and public education. The AEA has built a network of 13,000 participants who are connected through the Internet to their elected officials and AEA and NEA leaders and lobbyists. How to become a Cyber Lobbyist: 1. Any public education supporter can enroll by visiting the AEA website at 2. From AEA's website, find the link on the left-hand side in the blue box. 3. Fill out the form with your information so we can connect you to the elected officials in your legislative district. 4. Provide your home email address rather than school email address. 5. You will receive a confirmation email. Respond to this email to join the network. How it works: • By joining AEA's cyber-lobbying network, you will be provided opportunities to connect with and influence your elected officials through email and phone. • You will receive the AEA Legislative Update every Friday during the Arizona Legislative Session and periodically when the legislature is not in session. • You will also receive the NEA Inside every Friday while Congress is in session and, when necessary, while Congress is in recess. • These e-newsletters are brief summaries of issues and bills that affect our schools and allow you to send email responses to your legislators or congressional representatives with the click of a button. • Sample email content, tips for writing effec- tive messages, background links on issues, and links to other resources are also at your fingertips. • Information about how to deepen and strengthen your influence through atten- dance at lobbying events, local legislative hearings, and other grassroots lobbying ac- tivities are also included for those who want to get more involved. AEA Advocate x Winter 2012/13 39

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