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Page 11 of 43 10 POST FEBRUARY 2018 SOUND LIBRARIES ALLAS, TX/SANTA MONICA, CA — For editors working in Adobe Premiere Pro CC, finding the right audio tracks for a project just got a whole lot easier. Leading sound library companies FirstCom Music ( and Killer Tracks (, both under the Universal Publishing Production Music umbrella, have made their full catalogues available to Adobe users through a new integrated extension panel that offers an easy way to search, play, download music and view playlists without leaving Premiere Pro CC. The extension, which requires a cur- rent version of Adobe Premiere Pro CC, became available in January. According to Carl Peel, VP of music production at Killer Tracks, the new panel "launches as a window inside Adobe Premiere Pro CC, turning a portion of the editing workspace into a search tool for the Killer Tracks catalogue, from which users can search, play and download the mu- sic files they want to work with." "We are always looking for ways to make our music more accessible based on how our clients work," adds Ken Nelson, Sr. VP/ executive producer at FirstCom Music. "This initiative is aimed at making the user expe- rience with our music more efficient and seamless. If you are working in Premiere Pro CC, you don't have to leave your project to grab and spot music to picture." Here, in an interview with Post, Peel and Nelson discuss the new extension and what it offers the post community. Can you tell us how your involvement with the new panel extension for Adobe Premiere Pro CC came about? Nelson: "We've been discussing this for a while but needed to make sure we had the correct API for our music. At the same time, Patrick Applegren, our GM of our Scandinavian office (based in Stockholm) had been speaking with the people at Adobe about making our music much more accessible and seamless within various workstations. So, Patrick really got our IT team together with Adobe to get this completed." Why did FirstCom/Killer Tracks want to work with Adobe on this extension? Nelson: "Adobe Premiere Pro CC, part of Adobe Creative Cloud, has a strong reputation in our client community. It's a robust video editing tool that is con- tinually updated. We wanted to work with Adobe so that our clients, users and producers could have fast and easy access to all of their music and playlists right inside of Adobe Premiere Pro CC." Peel: "This integration gives video editors — huge numbers of whom use Premiere Pro CC as their editing platform — an easier way to search our catalogue and access and incorporate the music they need, without having to leave the program or even the screen they're al- ready working in." Who is this new extension targeting? Nelson: "Video editors, producers, post production professionals. This innovative extension provides users with access to a vast music catalogue of unrivaled breadth and depth from the world's leading production mu- sic company — all right inside of the project they are working on at that very moment! This is a great tool for client sessions as well where you can have a pre-selected playlist of music to try out with the video content." Peel: "The new extension is ideal for any Premiere Pro CC users who want to save time and not switch back and forth between programs and Websites." How does this extension benefit users? Nelson: "By having a music panel within Premier Pro CC, it will greatly improve accessibility to great music and soundtracks, as well as vastly improve workflow on those projects requiring music and sound design." Peel: "It improves their workflow. Video editors are so under the gun with dead- lines that any time you can simplify their process for them, it's a welcome change. The panels are a great workflow, smooth- er and a time saver." How valuable a tool would you say this is for the post community? Nelson: "This is a huge time saver and will improve the creativity and quality of every project by providing unlimited access to music within Premiere Pro CC. No more using the same old tracks from the bin al- ready loaded up or switching from Website or music service back to your session." Peel: "Panels are proving to be indis- pensable for many users. It saves a lot of screen jostling and keeps people in the flow of their work." How easy is it to get to your sound libraries from Premiere Pro CC? Peel: "From Premiere Pro CC, they can download the panel and they can sign up to access the Killer Tracks and/or FirstCom Music catalogues right from the panel. It couldn't be more simple." Other companies have had similar arrangements with Adobe. What do you think your company brings to the table? Nelson: "As part of Universal Publishing Production Music, we are dedicated to helping clients create imaginative audiovi- sual experiences through an ever-expand- ing library of music covering all genres, moods, emotions and project types. This is the first time the world's leading music production company is making its catalogue, unparalleled in size or quality, available on Premiere Pro CC. It's a giant leap forward for the video editor/produc- er and their creative resources." Peel: "Our incredibly deep, high-quality catalogue. And in the case a user does have issues, our service as well." The extension can be downloaded at: FirstCom:!/Technology/ adobe-premiere-extension.aspx Killer Tracks:!/en/ Latest_News/AdobePremiere.aspx FIRSTCOM MUSIC AND KILLER TRACKS SOUND LIBRARIES INTRODUCE EXTENSION FOR ADOBE PREMIERE PRO CC BY LINDA ROMANELLO D Nelson Peel

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