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Winter 2018

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Winter 2018 The Costume Designer 55 2015 My advice is to be nice, be positive. Get to know all the other Costume Designers you can. Do not be jealous of anyone. Love the actors. Protect them. All of them are delicate. Explain to the line producers that you are trying to make their film look good. Tell them you know what you are doing. Avoid all unexplained purchases. Don't take jobs that will embarrass you later. Try to avoid films with dead women characters—we all need help on this. Keep your eye on politics. Keep your honor as lots of people in film do not. Be proud of your knowledge. Help everyone. Hire a diverse crew always. Be loyal to your past crews. Be sure to tell your crew you are in charge of the Costume Design and they must respect you and your work. Don't be afraid of anything. Ask for help. Don't be afraid of get- ting fired, there is always another job you can do. Be the hardest worker on the crew. And this may seem crazy, but have a family. It helps your perspective in all things. If you can get along with your partner, you can probably get along with all producers. Keep the faith in all you do. I am most proud of the fact that I still know George Lucas and Francis Ford Coppola and honor them as they hired me on my first job, American Graffiti. I never think of the job as being hard—it is just clothes! Aggie Guerard Rodgers 2016 The hardest thing I've ever done as a Costume Designer was for The Greatest Showman. I had to design and build the Ringmaster and Circus of Oddities during the week between Christmas and New Year's and be ready to shoot the following week. My advice is to learn the art of listening and communication. Being honored with the CDG Career Achievement Award is a highlight. Ellen Mirojnick 2017 One of my favorite career highlights was receiving the Career Achievement Award from the CDG. It was a wonderful evening and it was spent with my fam- ily, oldest friends, colleagues, and peers. The amount of love and great respect that everyone gave and shared was overwhelming. It was just an amazing feeling. I never had any idea that it would be as wonderful as it was. It couldn't have been a better surprise. Jeffrey Kurland 2014 I think the hardest thing I ever did was Rome. It was a career highlight as well. It was the job of a lifetime. There were hundreds of extras and we just made everything. It was really hard, but it was wonderful too. It was the best show that I ever attempted. Bob [Robert Fletcher] was tremen- dously helpful and I owe everything to him. April Ferry

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