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and wineries across the country, where he hand selects barrel-aged spirits and wines to be used exclusively in his restaurants and bars. Tassan began his career at his family's restaurant in France, working his way up from waiter to dining room manager. Years later he and his brothers co-founded Les Domaines restaurant, also in France, and in 2000 Tassan left to pursue his career outside of the family business. He worked at a variety of restaurants throughout France, creating eclectic wine lists that included varietals from around the globe, while simultaneously serving as an instructor at the Wine University of the Ch√Ęteau de Suze-la- Rousse. In 2004, Tassan achieved the distinction of Meilleur Ouvrier de France (MOF) Sommelier, a prestigious award that is bestowed once ev- ery four years by the President of the Republic. Finally, after creating his own wine consultancy company, Primolea, Tassan assumed his cur- rent role at Mandalay Bay. "I am thrilled to be working in such a dynam- ic environment, one that allows me to draw on my previous roles in the wine industry to ensure that we are constantly delivering something new and intriguing to our guests," says Tassan. "I have cultivated a diverse wine inventory of more than 3,000 labels and am constantly up- dating and improving it to provide unmatched variety and to keep the Mandalay Bay bever- age experience unique and exciting." Together, Yedlin and Tassan have accom- plished a great deal within the food and beverage program at the resort, including the incorporation of exotic wines from Mexico and China, an increased focus on fresh ingredients and tableside presentation, and newly-crafted signature cocktails that are exclusive to vari- ous events and conventions within Mandalay Bay. Additionally, the duo hold monthly wine and spirits training sessions for all employees, and continue to integrate a variety of initia- tives aimed at improving the resort's food and beverage service, and the property itself. One of their most recent initiatives is the implemen- tation of Vinturi Wine and Spirit Aerators, which are now being used at a number of the resort's restaurants and bars, and as an added beneit to tableside presentations. Their ongoing col- laboration has already left an indelible mark upon Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, and will no doubt continue to distinguish it as one of the most notable resorts in all of Las Vegas. Mandalay Bay Director of Wine Christophe Tassan, MOF. ON THE AER WITH VINTURI A signiicant contribution of the Yedlin/Tassan alliance was the inte- gration of Vinturi Wine and Spirit Aerators at many of the resort's res- taurants and bars. Currently, Vinturi Aerators are in use at Aureole; miX; STRIPSTEAK, a Michael Mina Restaurant; Fleur by Hubert Keller; THE Lounge; and Eye Candy, and there are plans to expand that list in the coming months as well. Vinturi Spirit Aerators are kept at the bar, while the Red and White Wine Aerators are used at tableside, at wine stations or at the bar as well, depending upon the venue. "Vinturi's aerators make older wines more approachable and clean spirits up, so that the focus is on their main aromas and lavors," says Tassan. Yedlin adds, "Our guests are quite curious when they witness the Vinturi Aerators in ac- tion for the irst time. They love the distinctive sound that they make, and are enthralled by the entertainment and the presentation that the aerators create." For more information, go to or call 1-877- VINTURI (846-8874). november 2012 / the tasting panel / 77

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