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November 2012

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zing the world! With a name like Zing Anything, it should come as no sur- prise that this handy dandy tool infuses bursts of flavor into everything from salad dressings to plain old water, but this is THE TASTING PANEL, and we love this product for its ability to magically imbue fresh, fabulous flavors into vodka (or any spirit). With a built-in grinder on the bottom, this is the perfect tool for the bartender-on-the-go: Simply add ingredients of your choice, twist/mash/grind, add vodka, and voila! Infusions made simple. While we can see many an indus- try insider adding this to his or her kit, this D.I.Y. charmer is sure to appeal to plenty of consumers this Holiday season, so make room on your retail shelves and get zingin'! sharpen your sweet tooth Skip the pumpkin pie: There's a new liqueur in town, and you'll definitely want to indulge in this sweet sip- per. Crave, a recently-released chocolate quaff from liqueur-masters DeKuyper, is here to prove its mixable mettle. Offered in three rich flavors, we've got the hots for Crave Chocolate Chili Liqueur, a sweet milk chocolate sipper that's pickup-artist smooth until BAM! a pop of just-right-spiced habanero sneaks up on the finish, leaving you wanting more. Cherry and Mint op- tions round out this sweet trio, and we think the sea- sonal sweet possibilities are endless. november 2012 / the tasting panel / 129

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