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November 2012

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Water Matters Each flavor offers a distinct, subtle, light and refreshing taste that becomes smoother and smoother with each sip. What's Tweraser's secret for maintaining great taste in his army of oomph? Water. Water, better known as the liquid everyone needs most in order to survive, is of the utmost importance in the production of INTO. This isn't just your basic filtered water: Tweraser manufac- tures the beverage in his native Austria because the INTO factory sits on a spring, and there is "nothing that compares to water from the Austrian Alps, even when it comes from the tap," according to Tweraser. The water there is so pure and clean that filtration is nearly not necessary. "When you try the same energy drinks but made in different countries, they always taste different, whether it's Tijuana or Hong Kong, because of the difference in quality of water. We want our taste to be uniform wherever you go," Tweraser says. Mixable Energy With a large component of the energy drink market focused on mixing with alcohol, Tweraser created the INTO Cranberry variety specifically to mix with vodka. As opposed to the aftertaste other drinks leave when combined with vodka, Tweraser has engineered a flavor that won't obstruct, but will enhance the experience of vodka. "There is usually a metallic taste when you combine these drinks and vodka, but that's not true with INTO Cranberry because it's made with fruit juices and vitamins, not chemicals," explains Tweraser. "That will make for more endurance during nights out with friends." INTO's attractive packaging also helps up the ante: "Groups of people pick products for differ- ent reasons, but if you like the way something looks, you are more likely to drink or eat it," Tweraser says. "I always say, 'We eat and drink with our eyes first.'" Aside from the can's bright colors and eye- catching, elaborate design, Tweraser incorporates another American craze for his target audience: the global initiative to help the environment. "If you look in any grocery store, there is a 'green' section that wasn't there even five years ago," Tweraser explains. This is why the packaging for the All Natural flavor will soon be sold in a four-pack made out of tree seeds. Only a year old, INTO is still finding its footing in the United States and internationally and is still on the hunt for U.S. distributors. "Currently, INTO is in talks with distributors in South, Latin and Central America, Asia, and parts of Europe, as well as developing a special product for Israel," Tweraser says. "We've only been in the U.S. for a few months, so we are only in Florida right now, but we hope to be in most, if not all, major cities by this time next year." november 2012 / the tasting panel / 113

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