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ENERGY DRINKS Into A NEW KIND OF ENERGY by Ariela Kozin E nergy drinks have become extraordinarily in- demand, thanks to the on-the-go attitude adopted by so many Americans in today's modern world. With the consumption of these sugary energy aids, it is only normal to question the lack of healthy nutrients these drinks provide in an exploding rush of a variety of chemi- cals such as aspartame, xanthan gum and maltolextine. This very concern is what inspired Wolfgang Tweraser, an Austrian businessman, to find a healthy alternative that still supplies consumers with the kick they crave early in the morning till late at night with his invigorating energy drink, INTO. "I consulted with various consulting companies, and they say there are a lot of people in the health industry who are concerned with drinking so much taurine and caffeine for obvious reasons. They wanted something healthier," Tweraser says. And he seems to have given the energy supplement market just what it needed: People from the ages of 16 to 45, male or female, have come to love the five flavors of INTO. These include INTO Pure, INTO Cranberry and INTO Sugar Free, which include caffeine and taurine, as do most energy drinks, and INTO All Natural and INTO Isotonic, which are caffeine- and taurine-free for a natural energy boost and perfect for the health industry. Packed with vitamins including Vitamin E, all the Vitamin Bs and C, INTO offers energy for a health con- scious lifestyle. "You aren't going to get the quick high and crash afterwards as you get with other drinks," Tweraser explains. Instead, the fruit juices, vitamins, magnesium, calcium and potassium combine for a steady climb in energy that has more longevity and also re-energizes after a workout. 112 / the tasting panel / november 2012 Energy B

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