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4 { THE SOMM JOURNAL } DECEMBER/JANUARY 2017/2018 ALTHOUGH I MAY NOW reside in his position, I could never really replace our beloved former Managing Editor, David Gadd. For starters, he's smarter than I am and far more eloquent. I also don't think I've ever met a more thoughtful human being. We do dress similarly, although his clothes are always a tad more formal, so he's got me beat there too. But perhaps where I do have the won - derful Mr. Gadd cornered is my experience as a sommelier. I am one of you . . . though certainly not the most talented one of you. I'm certainly not the most knowledgeable either, but when I stepped onto that floor, I worked really hard, I cared about my guests, and I never stopped learning. I never will. I've been taught that these are the core qualities of a good somm. And although I rarely work in service these days, I promise as one of the stewards of this publication to apply the same work ethic, unending curiosity, and true regard for others in my new position as Managing Editor. Service has always been and always will be at the heart of everything I do—whether it's on the floor or sitting at the desk I'm typing on right now. Dare I say, this thoughtful approach— under the direction of Meridith May (our Publisher/Editorial Director, or "The Chief," as I call her)—has already begun to reflect in this issue. The December/ January 2018 SOMM Journal offers not one but three different perspectives of the Sonoma/Napa fires, as well as several stories regarding sexual harassment and impediments to women's advancement in the wine industry. These issues are just as problematic in our line of work as it is in Hollywood, which is why we need high- profile women in wine like Karen MacNeil or good-hear ted male wine journalists like Randy Caparoso addressing them here— now more than ever. There's business as usual, too, and for tunately our business is about wine. In this issue we'll learn about the begin - nings of Roederer Estate in California and in turn, the bir th of the Anderson Valley AVA. We'll also pop in for a visit with a handful of somms during the Russian River Somm Camp, headquar tered at DeLoach Vineyards. There's so much more to learn about, so thank you to my fellow somms for taking the time to read this little self-introduction instead of the far-more-interesting remain - ing content. And a big thanks to The Chief for believing in me. One of YOU { letter from the managing editor } Meridith "The Chief" May, Publisher/ Editorial Director for the SOMM Journal, and Managing Editor Jessie "JABS" Birschbach at the San Francisco Wine School.

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