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1 14  /  the tasting panel  /  december 2017 When HIDE opened in Dallas' eclectic Deep Ellum neighborhood in January, Owner Nick Backlund and Director of Beverage/Principal Bartender Scott Jenkins set out to create a seamless fusion of inventive yet accessible cocktails that left people feeling included and invigorated, rather than intimidated. And while Jenkins says he and Backlund wanted HIDE to offer "an elevated experience without it being forceful, pretentious, or theatrical," they had no idea just how quickly the concept would take off. HIDE has racked up some serious credentials in just its first year of business, including "Best New Bar" by the Dallas Observer's 2017 "Best of Dallas" awards. HIDE sets itself apart from the other major players of Deep Ellum's thriving bar scene by skewing its bev- erage program toward "weird, more 'nerdy' cocktails" (the menu could double as an advanced-level beverage textbook, with sections for Classic, Experimental, Bottled, Tapped, Spirited, Brave, Comforting, and Refreshing drinks). "We fit in because Deep Ellum is a community of arts and creativity, and that's what we perceive our concept to be even if we approach it dif- ferently than some people," Jenkins explains. "We're interested in the art of the experience." Standouts on HIDE's new winter menu include the Winner Winner cocktail with chicken stock, fresh thyme, gin, and clarified lemon, and the Molinillo served hot or cold with tequila reposado, black tea, almond, coconut, dark chocolate, cayenne, piloncillo, and Aztec chocolate and sarsaparilla bitters. Like any worthwhile experiment, these drinks undergo plenty of testing before making their debut on the HIDE bar top. Every member of the bartender team vets and critiques the cocktails, and Jenkins and Backlund encourage them to explore without limitations. "I have an excellent staff, and if they have an interesting idea, we'll try it," Jenkins says. "People just like to have the freedom to be creative, and that's how I operate." For more on HIDE, visit Regular customers who return because they love the hard work my team and I do and always want to know what weird, new things we are tinker- ing with. Having the freedom to create with a talented staff and my busi- ness partner, Nick; being able to execute those ideas; and witnessing the surprise and enjoyment from patrons when they try our creations. Taste testing new spirits, wines, beer, and cocktail ideas . . . basi- cally tasting everything! The challenge of working with difficult processes, ingredients, or flavors, and the satisfaction when you finally get it to click into place. The camaraderie of industry folk everywhere. They are always kind and eager to share their creations and processes with a fellow nerd, so I like to return the favor when they visit my space as well. When patrons get annoyed that I don't carry Red Bull, Jäger, Crown Apple, Fireball, or flavored vodka. Am I doing it wrong? Wet bar rags or clutter on bar tops. When things are not put back where they belong. Patrons who don't bother to look at the menu first, and just order the usual vodka soda. (I'm happy to pour that for you, just take a look at what we've created for you first!) Imbalanced cocktails. I despise cocktails that lack cohesion between acidity, body, sweetness, texture, temperature, and complexity of flavor. THE "5" LIST SCOTT JENKINS' TOP FIVE FAVES SCOTT JENKINS' TOP FIVE PET PEEVES TAKING INVENTORY WITH . . . PHOTO COURTESY OF CLARK CABUS PHOTOGRAPHY Scott Jenkins is the Director of Beverage/Principal Bartender at HIDE, an innovative new addition to the Deep Ellum neighborhood bar scene in Dallas, TX. SCOTT JENKINS PROPRIETOR, HIDE, DALLAS, TX by Kate Newton

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