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PATRONS | Winter 2017 36 Joseph Hohm and Steven Spierer have been friends for nearly 40 years. eir friendship has led to a partnership in real estate investments and joint family vacations. Hohm and Spierer are also aligned when it comes to supporting local health care. Both are members of the board of the Torrance Memorial Foundation. eir two sons, Brandon Hohm and Joseph Spierer, are also longtime friends. When Brandon and Joseph learned of an opportunity to join a relatively new group aimed at connecting younger Torrance Memorial supporters, they wanted to know more. In 2012, the Torrance Memorial Young Physicians and Professionals Alliance ( YPPA) was established to bring together young physicians and successful professionals in the South Bay community. e group's mission is to promote engagement in dynamic social gatherings that allow for personal and professional networking, while increasing awareness of and support for Torrance Memorial. e group provided Brandon and Joseph the perfect opportunity to carry the torch. ey have been active members of YPPA for the last two years. Patrons recently spoke with these father-and- son teams, to learn more about what drives their involvement and dedication to Torrance Memorial. e Hohm Family: Joseph Hohm is a certified public accountant, and the owner of a Redondo Beach medical and dental accounting firm called Medical Accounting Services. His connection to Torrance Memorial began nearly 40 years ago through his friendship with Torrance Memorial's finance director at that time, Ray Rahn. is, and his work with physicians in his accounting practice, led to his affiliation with the hospital. He was invited to serve as a member of the Torrance Memorial board of trustees from 1988 to 1997. In 2013, he became a member of the Torrance Memorial Foundation. "Serving on the Foundation is a bit different from serving on the board (of trustees)," Hohm says. "e main purpose of the Foundation's work is to raise money for the hospital through donations, attend events and encourage others to attend. We also work to raise awareness YPPA PLAY-BY-PLAY WRITTEN BY CAROLE JAKUCS | PHOTOGRAPHED BY SHANE O'DONNELL Supporting local health care adds common ground to father/son friendship foursome. A Family Affair Mutual support for Torrance Memorial Medical Center has added a new element to the friendship of the Hohm and Spierer families.

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