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PATRONS |Winter 2017 3 CHARTING A COURSE FOR THE FUTURE n May 2017, senior leadership of Torrance Memorial Medical Center and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center announced a unique affiliation designed to align their organizations. is affiliation marks the beginning of an exciting new era for these two historic and respected medical centers. I have been fortunate to serve on the Torrance Memorial Foundation Board since 2005, and more recently I assumed the role of chairman of the hospital's Board of Trustees. In these capacities, I have a front-row seat for the strategic changes taking place. Like many of us, my connection to Torrance Memorial began as a patient. In 2002 I had an accident while riding an off-road motorcycle in the desert, which resulted in a hip socket fracture and the need for some tricky orthopedic surgery. rough the combined efforts of my wife Jackie and my brother John, I made it to the Emergency Department at Torrance Memorial. I received outstanding medical care and my surgery was a success. It was such good care that although I broke my hip in August, by December of that same year, I was good as new and snow skiing again. As a parent of two very active kids, I have visited Torrance Memorial throughout the years for every sort of broken bone, stitch and infection. Each time, we receive compassionate, responsive, understanding care, and our fondness for this unique hospital continues to grow. In my positions on the hospital's Board of Trustees and the Foundation Board, I have received a first-class education on the ever-changing health care landscape and the challenges facing medical service providers. Let me assure you, the challenges are real, as our health care system is tasked with providing care to an increasing number of patients in the most cost- effective manner possible. rough the years, Torrance Memorial has been fortunate to have senior leadership that is forward-looking and collaborative. is group is comprised of professionals from the administrative and medical functions and has met often to identify opportunities and challenges presented by the new health care environment. Facing increasing competition from other large health care systems in our market and recognizing the medical benefits that an affiliation with an excellent partner could provide, the medical center board and senior leadership group worked hard to explore all options. ese efforts culminated in a smart, creative framework with Cedars-Sinai that will preserve our unique community focus while simultaneously ensuring Torrance Memorial can thrive for the long term. Our affiliation with Cedars-Sinai allows Torrance Memorial to retain local decision- making control over naming and other important operational matters, and jurisdiction over all foundation gifts. is means the incredibly generous gifts of donors like Richard and Melanie Lundquist will remain here in the local community, honoring the donors' original intent. At the same time, we gain access to respected world-class medical professionals and the opportunity to create unique synergies that will serve our community and residents at the highest possible level. Torrance Memorial will still be the unique community hospital we have all grown to trust when we need important medical care for our family and loved ones. And now we can look forward to a bright future where this special place will grow and thrive for many years to come. Greg Geiger Chair, Torrance Memorial Medical Center Board of Trustees Treasurer, Torrance Memorial Foundation Board of Directors BOARD NOTES "Our affiliation with Cedars- Sinai allows Torrance Memorial to retain local decision-making control over naming and other important operational matters, and jurisdiction over all foundation gifts." I

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