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Page 39 of 43 38 POST OCTOBER 2017 STORAGE NEWS HUDSON, MA — Facilis (www. recently showcased its new Version 7.0 Shared Storage features for the first time at the 2017 IBC show in Amsterdam. Included within Version 7.0 are the new Facilis Hub Server, a performance aggregator that can be added to new and existing TerraBlock systems, Open Storage Attachment that promotes generic storage partitions to Facilis Shared File System volumes and a new browser-based, mobile compatible Web Console that delivers enhanced workflow and administration. According to the company, Facilis is focusing on users that are seeking to grow their content-creation infrastructure on a limited CapEx budget. Ever increasing media file sizes and 4K, HDR and VR workflows are continually putting pressure on facility infrastructure. The Facilis Hub Server is aimed at protecting customers' current storage investment and providing the future-proof new systems. The Hub Server architecture optimizes drive sets and increases the bandwidth available from standard TerraBlock storage systems. The new Facilis Web Console increases facility control, and im- proves access to administrative functions. It features a modernized browser-based and mobile-compatible interface that delivers en- hanced functionality. The latest enhancements FastTracker, which is designed for cata- loging, searching and accessing media on all attached storage, offers such new features as preview clip generation and global indexing for automatic cataloging of all media assets. According to James McKenna, VP of sales and marketing at Facilis, with Version 7, the company has "enhanced ease of use, maintained high levels of resiliency and reliability, and positively changed the expecta- tions of administrators. We're delivering features that our customers didn't think were possible, and doing it without increasing complexity for the end-user." FACILIS DEBUTS VERSION 7.0 SHARED STORAGE AMHERST, NY — ATTO Technology, Inc. ( has announced the availabil- ity of its new quad-port ATTO Celerity 32Gb Gen 6 FC-324E host bus adapters (HBAs). This addition to the ATTO Fibre Channel portfolio will enable companies to capitalize on their existing storage area network (SAN) infrastructure and address the growing need for high-performing, scalable and secure storage to support exponential data growth from applications such as 4K/8K editing and high-performance computing and data warehousing, along with the proliferation of virtualized servers and flash arrays. ATTO 32Gb HBAs support 3,200MB/s per channel data throughput, maximiz- ing the number of virtual machines per physical server and delivering advanced storage performance. According to the company, with x16 PCIe bus connection and four 32Gb/s Fibre Channel ports, the FC-324E eliminates the bottlenecks created by I/O data intensive applications. With data centers moving to all-flash arrays, the need to drive greater perfor- mance to more solid-state drives (SSDs) is becoming critical. Four Fibre Channel ports in a single PCIe slot ensures high-density connectivity at the highest avail- able performance for up to 1.2 GB/s throughput making it suited for environments utilizing next-generation, flash-based storage. Celerity 32Gb HBAs also make it possible to have longer distances between servers and storage. They support more data in-flight allowing users to extend their connection to storage up to 10 km, without degrading throughput for de- manding long-distance applications such as a stretch cluster. The ATTO Gen 6 line includes Celerity 32Gb and 16Gb HBAs in low-profile single-, dual- and now quad-port full height versions. All versions are backward compatible, reducing the complexity of deploying and managing the SAN, and take full advantage of advancements for reliability and forward error correction to improve network performance and resiliency. Celerity HBAs are designed to provide fast, redundant and highly available connectivity to Fibre Channel storage and are engineered to manage latency for real-time applications. ATTO'S QUAD-PORT CELERITY 32GB HBAS NOW AVAILABLE BLOOMINGTON, MN — In order to understand customer workflow and mirror it internally prior to deployment, Scale Logic (http://scalelogicinc. com) has invested over $1M in industry specific applications and network infrastructure to create a fully-functioning, media-centric interoperability lab. The multi-functional lab will enable creative professionals the ability to create and test across different technologies. "In the media & entertainment (M&E) industry, very few workflows are the same, so allowing cus- tomers access to the lab allows them to try several types of technology to ensure confidence in their in- vestment," says Daryl Heinis, CTO, Scale Logic. "Our customers will be able to collaborate at unprece- dented levels and [with] the ability to mix and match tools to fit their workflow needs and budgets." Interoperability testing ensures that converged solutions are integrated based on strict guidelines in- cluding OS versioning, drivers, connectivity, servers, workstations and applications. The lab integrates over 75 M&E workflow and editing applications such as Adobe's Premiere, Telestream's Vantage, Levels Beyond's Reach Engine and others, and utilizes various storage platforms: Block Level SAN, Scale-Out NAS, SAN appliances, NAS and Archive. Heinis adds, "One of the lab's most valuable features is the 24x7 access it allows for M&E partners, editors and end-users around the world to test the differences in SAN, NAS, Scale-Out NAS and other associated technologies which has allowed for a more educated decision for our customers and partners." SCALE LOGIC INVESTS IN INTEROPERABILITY LAB

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