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34  /  the tasting panel  /  october 2017 F orceBrands is the leading recruiting and staffing firm for the beverage, food, and beauty industries. We offer executive recruiting services, board of director assembly, and industry specific job boards including BevForce—which connects global beverage companies with future leaders. The Movers & Shakers newsletter features the latest new hires at the leading global beverage companies. Visit to sign up for the Movers & Shakers newsletter or to report your job move or recent hire. Christopher Dauenhauer has been named New York State Manager at Serrallés USA. He had been NYC Area Manager, Blueprint Brands at Sheehan Family Companies. Tara Moreland has been named Vice President of Sales at ROK DRINKS. She had been VP of Sales at Partida Tequila. Jamie Cocoris has been named New England Regional Manager at Gérard Bertrand Wines. He had been District Manager–MA/RI at Terlato Wines. Movers & Shakers The Interview Questions Guaranteed to Impress Any Hiring Manager ForceBrands' recruiters share the questions they love hearing prospective candi- dates ask. Have you asked these questions yet? "Can you tell me more about why your company decided to move in this direction?" It's great when candidates ask questions that show they've done their research on the company. For example, if candidates are interviewing for a sales role, it's encouraging to hear them say something like, "I saw online that you have some new products in the pipeline. Would you mind telling me more about why you decided to introduce this type of product to your portfolio?" Those kinds of questions really prove they're interested in the role and learning more about the company. "What can I expect from this role?" Questions around expectations for the role— whether it's a question around goals or KPIs—are always great because they show you the candidate is goal-oriented or, at the very least, is taking the time to see if the requirements of the role align with their abilities. "What are some challenges of this role?" When candidates ask me about chal- lenges in the role or organization, it shows me the candidate values transparency and isn't afraid of the good, the bad, and the ugly. "What does the training look like?" It's important for a candidate to understand their skillset and how a company can leverage it. This is a great question that affirms a candidate is self-aware about their talent and wants to ensure they are best set up for success through relevant training. "What are the short- and long-term goals of this role?" It's important for candi- dates to see beyond the hiring process and look toward how they can achieve success and add value to the company after they've received the offer. Just like setting expectations up front, it's important to not just make a great match, but to make the right one. Want to connect with beverage industry leaders? Tap into BevForce at or email for more information. CAREER CORNER

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