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October 2017

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BRIEF ENCOUNTERS I ndustry veteran Paul Zahn has recently joined the team at Disaronno International, step- ping in as their Director of Brand Ambassadors. In addition to expand- ing the legacy of Disaronno liqueur, he will also help the company grow its wine and spirits portfolio. We spoke with Zahn to find out a little more about his new role. The Tasting Panel: How important are brand ambassadors in market- ing a product, and what do they bring to Disaronno? Paul Zahn: The brand ambassadors working with Disaronno International each bring a unique skill set to the table—I am thrilled to help lead them and continue to build a strong team. There are some very exciting activa- tions and campaigns planned for 2018, which I am thrilled to help plan, create, and execute. How does your previous experience as a Brand Ambassador play into your new role as Director of Brand Ambassadors? During my time as National Director of Special Events for Voli Light Vodkas, I had the oppor- tunity to manage several ambas- sadors throughout the country. I discovered that everyone has unique strengths and it is important to highlight that—whether it is mixology, training, or sales. It is also important to grow and coach ambas- sadors so they have a distinct career path to make them an asset to them- selves and their brands. Having worked as a National Brand Ambassador on another major cordial, I am excited to bring my key learnings to the table to help grow Disaronno liqueur in the United States. I'm in the process of creating some seasonal cocktails featuring a variety of base spirits and Disaronno that will be perfect for 2018. Cordials are some- times misunderstood, so it will be nice to have consumers and trade rethink their drink with Disaronno. You mention ushering in some new brands and working on new projects; can you tell us anything about that? I'm going to help continue to expand the legacy of Disaronno liqueur, as well as help build its other brands like Rabarbaro Zucca and the Walsh Whiskey Distillery items. Both the amaro and Irish whiskey categories are growing at an exponential rate, so it is very exciting to be working with two of the best in the world! PHOTO: SETH HANCOCK 18  /  the tasting panel  /  october 2017 Paul Zahn Joins Disaronno International as Director of Brand Ambassadors

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