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October 2012

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SPOKESPERSON Rumors Are True The TY KU COCONUT SAKÉ AT LAS VEGAS POOL PARTY by Allyson Siwajian / photos by Deacon Tyler S aké has become the new seductive treat for "skinny" cocktails. Just ask Perez Hilton, the iconic king of celebrity blogging, who used TY KU's health-conscious saké and soju in his recent fitness evolution to health and happiness. "TY KU Saké and Soju is a healthier alterna- tive to other alcoholic drinks," Perez tells THE TASTING PANEL. "Before, if I was drinking, I was like, 'Oh my God, so many empty calories!' Now I have half of those. And it's so tasty." In a recent trip to Las Vegas's RUMOR Boutique Hotel and Resort, Hilton celebrated his TY KU partnership and fitness transformation at Sunkissed Reloaded, his lively poolside party with chic cabanas, vibrant beach balls and TY KU cocktails for everyone in attendance. "It's just so fun to have it with friends," Perez says and sips TY KU's summer concoction, the Coconut Nigori Mojito. With savory hints of vanilla, sweet coconut accents and smooth texture, TY KU's Coconut Saké delivers fewer calories than rum through its pure ingredients. Think polished Akebono rice from Nara, Japan; iron-free water, noteworthy #901 yeast and hand- made koji. With rich flavor and health benefits, TY KU's latest "cloudy saké" provides the perfect party refreshment. Perez Hilton in Las Vegas, at RUMOR Boutique Hotel and Resort. 80 / the tasting panel / october 2012 While Perez shared the TY KU love at Sunkissed, he invites personnel across the entire beverage industry to include TY KU in their menus. "The future is to be in every single Asian restaurant and then, of course, being in bars and clubs and everywhere," Perez says. "They've added it to P.F. Chang's, [and] it's at Target now. TY KU's taking off." With TY KU's authentic Japanese saké on the rise, it won't be long before "TY KU become[s] the best-known premium saké not just in America, but in the world." PEREZ HILTON PRESENTS

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