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October 2012

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F&B DIRECTOR MICHAEL GALLAGHER OF LAS VEGAS'S VDARA HOTEL AND SPA INTRODUCES A FRESH LOOK AT WINES AND SPIRITS "I like to go to each of the depart- ments, talk to the employees and speak to the guests," Gallagher says. "We really strive for excellence in every- thing we do here at Vdara." Most recently, Gallagher has incor- porated the use of the Vinturi Tower Aerator for optimum wine and spirits tasting. With Vinturi Aerators, wines and spirits benefit from the venturi effect: As a liquid's velocity increases, the fluid's pressure decreases. By this scientific principle, when wines and spirits pass through the Vinturi, they receive the ideal amount of air for a superior olfactory sensation, enhanced flavors and a smooth finish. With wines, Gallagher notes, "the quick aeration process accomplishes better results in one minute than decanting can do in one hour. We've found the Vinturi Aera- tor is an excellent amenity to increase guests' satisfaction." Vdara has already committed to this shift. Bar Vdara mixologists create handcrafted cocktails only with natural ingredients, and the hotel has received numerous awards for going green in its construction and maintenance. With these standards for excellence and Gallagher's leadership, guests receive quality dining and drinks amid Vdara's city chic atmosphere where "there's always an occasion fit for wine" and spirits. For more information, go to or call 1-877- VINTURI (846-8874). On the Aer with Vinturi Michael Gallagher comments on Vinturi Aerators: "We use the Vinturi Aerators in our bar and lounge as well as our in-suite dining venue. We continuously strive for new ways to enhance our guests' experience and have found that the Vinturi Aerator is an excellent added amenity to the butler-style service we provide to our in-suite guests. Our food servers will have the guests taste the wine before and after pouring through the Vinturi, and they are always amazed how much smoother the finish is, not to mention the way the aeration enhances the overall flavors and bouquet. The quick aeration process accomplishes better results in one minute than decanting can do in one hour. Our bar and lounge provides complimentary red wine, white wine and spirit aeration, and the complete Vinturi line can be purchased in our gourmet Market Café." Michael Gallagher's favorite wines: "I really enjoy the Napa Cabernet Sauvignons, from the big, bold flavors and tannins of Oakville to the sophisticated structure and well-balanced Cabs from the Stags Leap District." october 2012 / the tasting panel / 109

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