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from the editor contributors Ahhhh….. the "lazy" days of Summer…. Do those really exist anymore? Or must we refl ect back upon our child- hood when perhaps we had a few extra fl eeting moments to just sit and read? And then there was always the essay in September when school started…. To bring back those oh-so-fond memories, we asked a few of our contributors to answer this question: As the season is ending and we are heading into Au- tumn, did you do anything special on your Summer vaca- tion this year and was there a book you brought along to read which was particularly impactful? I've been reading The Handmaid's Tale this summer; it seemed entirely appropriate considering our current administration. I traveled to Hawaii with my partner and took a much-needed break from the terri- ble news we see every day. Being around the majesty of Maui and the Aloha spirit re- freshed me, and I try to take it with me when I'm struggling to get through a stressful day. Neal Broverman (Pg. 27) Each Summer I usually spend a couple of weeks in En- gland where I'm from. I like to visit ancient sacred sites and places that hold lovely childhood memories such as the historic city of Bath. I have spent many summers investigating Crop Circles near Avebury which is also the home of the largest megalithic stone circle. This Summer I travelled with a friend and we called it our 'Fairy Goddess Holi- day.' We stayed in Glastonbury and the New Forest which is full of healing energy, fairies, and wild ponies. My favourite book this summer is Inspired: The Paranormal World of Creativity by Grant Cameron. Serena Wright Taylor (Pg. 7) I have been carrying around the Bhagavad Gita with me through airports across the country all summer for too many work trips. Through long lines and endless delays, I kept practicing the meditation "I am not the doer." It saved me. With the Gita's voice in my head, I was able to sometimes move beyond the crowds of peo- ple and see into the amazing fl ow of humanity. For brief but memorable moments, I lost my own story and was caught up in the great play of life. Wendy Strgar (Pg. 12) Alejandro Jodorowsky's long-awaited, complete English Panic Fables was released for the fi rst time this Spring. His avant-garde theatrical career had recently been curtailed by Mexican government censorship, and, on a lark, he began cartooning. About that time, not so long ago (oops!—there went 50 years), I began a parallel journey, driven early by some concupiscent spirituality and later, a whimsical sincerity. Jodo proceeds in his ongoing career, a holy man somehow akin to Gurdjieff and Sergio Leone, while I—reunited with his acerbic wit and wisdom on a two-month early summer ramble across mountains and prairies, Moab to Montana to Lake Superior—couldn't ask for a quest more bless'd. Mac Graham (Pg. 25 ) Hello and Greetings Dear Readers: Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine and keeping cool! Amazing how quickly the Summer has fl own by!! But, don't we say that every year really? As we grow older the illusion of time continuously fl ows at rocket speed. Do you fi nd that? Regardless, it's still so important that we do stop, take time, and try to smell those proverbial roses…. Did you go on Summer vacation? Or maybe keep local here in LA on staycation? Read any good books this Summer? What do you recommend? Would it be fun to start a read- ing group or at least make suggestions to one another about what we are reading (or watching or listening or engaging in)? Email me and let me know. I welcome your comments: gina@ wholelifemagazine.com. In a city as wondrous as LA, there's always plenty to see and do, no matter what your fancy. You can attend lectures and events at the Bodhi Tree, live in person or online. Or how about enjoying a special dinner at Wanderlust Hollywood as part of their "Find Your True Fork" series? August features a chef specializing in Ayurvedic organic cuisine. There's also a special documentary fi lm showing at the Laemmle which shares the story of the Dalai Lama and asks – Is he the last? To learn more about the Dalai Lama and his profound pres- ence today, please read and share the article in this issue by noted Buddhist scholar Robert Thurman. We are honored to include his exclusive piece in WLT. In fact, we are honored to run articles by ALL of our writers, and we appreciate you tak- ing your precious moments to ponder their work. Of course, we also sincerely appreciate ALL of our advertis- ers. We are all in this conscious community together. Let's pls support one another. You have choices – please consider vis- iting their businesses and learning more about their products and services offered. Although it's the 50th anniversary of the "Summer of Love," we know it can be challenging out there – let's stick togeth- er! To learn more about what one local couple did to spread the Love, check out our article about the "Love Button Global Movement" in our City of Angels section. If you are in the mood for a road trip and a very special event of mantra, music, and yoga, then consider heading out to Joshua Tree for the annual Bhakti Fest held in mid-Sep- tember. A perfect weekend of fun, new friends, and healing in the desert! Speaking of road trips, check out our Backwords section this issue with writer Greg Cayea. He shares what prompted his decision to hit the highway in an effort to break the world's record for driving. He looped all around the USA – in fact, he logged in at 36,123 miles. We drive more in LA than any city, but that's a lotta driving! Should you want to make another road trip for a "once- in-a-lifetime" event, you could join the multitude of masses embarking upon various spots in our great country to witness the day of darkness – the rarest of celestial events when the sun will be completely in shadow by the moon. This Great American Eclipse to end all eclipses will be visible from Or- egon to South Carolina. Of course, dear readers, wear those protective glasses! While on your road trip, be sure to take WLT with you! Send a photo of you and the mag and your travels. Maybe we'll in- clude it online or in print. Thanks again for reading! With Love and Appreciation ~ 6 wholelifetimes.com

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