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August/September 2017 25 art & soul BOOKS BOOKS Mystic Teachings and Initiatory Tales Using Shamanic and Jungian Techniques for Healing The Panic Fables Change the Story of Your Health O riginally penned in the cultural supplement to the Sunday El Heraldo de México (1967-73), these comic tales rapidly grew from the ravings of a black-listed, avant garde, out-of-work artist to a focused system of new-paradigm mentorship. At fi rst fraught with 'intellectual negativism'— nihilistic, pessimistic, existential—they evolved to embrace a positive message both social and individual: that art in its most valid form is functional, serving to teach and to heal. Jodorowsky's crudely drawn, cryptic, and inspirational strips present a tone of social activism familiar to fans of the likes of Robert Crumb and early Matt Groening. He appears personally as a character in the series of nearly 300 entries, growing from anarchist/seeker to disciple to master to 'secret disciple,' learning and understanding more deeply as mastery itself deepens. He thus blazes a trail for his readers to follow. Throughout his long career as playwright, fi lmmaker, mime, psychotherapist, and prolifi c author (as well as 'accidental' cartoonist), Jodo (as his vast cult following has come to know him) stretches our knowledge of ourselves and our place in time, space, and history. Paradox in our striving for meaning and the slim substance we fi nd to fulfi ll it reigns supreme—to fi nd the light we must follow the shadows. This beautifully presented collection, the fi rst ever in English, offers such richness and diversity in self-examination and entertainment as to inspire immediate repeat when complete. Or, a randomly selected page supplies a daily message, invocation, or prognostication. And it looks great— smart, irreverent, and progressive—on the coffee table. (Park Street Press; Inner Traditions International) —Mac Graham I n Change the Story of Your Health: Using Shamanic and Jungian Techniques for Healing, Carl Greer, Ph.D., Psy.D. will help you investigate the story you have been telling yourself and others about your health, reveal its inaccuracies, and guide you to change it through Jungian and contemporary Shamanic methods. You do have the power to change your story, and ultimately, your health. This fascinating read will help you discover an inherent shift in perception and consciousness, in contrast to the standard "eye-opening" of the typical self-help book. You'll tap into levels of consciousness you never knew existed, yet greet each one like an old friend, embracing them while they weave into your new narrative. This amalgamate of consciousness becomes your new story. Through expanded awareness practices like Shamanic journeying and dialoguing which Greer shares in the book (the technique of active imagination developed by Carl Jung), you will be empowered by your new story, which will support you when working with doctors and other medical practitioners. Dr. Greer suggests that healing means returning to the state of health one has enjoyed previously, yet improved upon. Health challenges are opportunities. Through journaling exercises and meditation practice, and knowledge of informative tools like chakras, energetic infl uences, elements of nature and dreamwork, you'll recognize these opportunities and benefi t from them. Focusing on health through all aspects of our being—spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical—can deliver us a new health story via access to new insights and energies, which, in turn, may even affect the well-being and energy of society as well. There is a lot to glean from this book; a paragon of grounded approaches to your health with a nice foundational dose of Jungian and Shamanic principles, Change Your Story will permeate your mind and body, leaving your story revised and liberated. (Findhorn Press) —Ashley Ess By Alejandro Jodorowsky By Carl Greer, Ph.D., Psy.D.

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