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April 2010

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best in quality and best-tasting. So it is one of the most beautiful feelings in life when you have bartenders and the trade tasting our new product, HARLEM, and they all say, ‘Wow! Yes!’ And then we can go out and announce it to the world.” Publisher’s note: THE TASTING PANEL has awarded HARLEM an unprecedented score of 100 points in the herbal liqueur category. Carl Nolet Jr. and Sr., creators of HARLEM Kruiden Liqueur. HARLEM Nights A at American Trash t American Trash, on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, owner Mark Ostrowsky and his bartenders have created what they call the HARLEM Blue Bomb—a shot glass of HARLEM submerged in a glass of Blue Moon beer, a new spin on the classic Boilermaker that has quickly found a huge group of fans among the funky bar’s regulars. “People often compare it to another similar shot favorite, but I like HARLEM better,” says Ostrowsky, who characterizes his bar as a “profes- sional drinking establishment.” “The hints of cinnamon and orange flavors in HARLEM are very different, and I like the way it mixes as opposed to licorice-flavored liqueurs. We’re selling a lot of HARLEM, and I’m sure that HARLEM will become a staple on every bar when the bartenders taste it like I did. It can be a tough road to the top when you’re a new brand, and it’s a tricky market. Given the economy, anything that sells on its own this well is good for business.” Apart from the HARLEM Blue Bomb, American Bartender Eric Noone at NYC’s American Trash opts to give HARLEM a shot. “Anything that sells on its own this well is good for business,” says bar owner Mark Ostrowsky. Trash, which is going on its 22nd year at the same location, also serves the imported Dutch libation mixed with club soda and orange juice, a refreshing cocktail meant to be sipped rather than downed. But it’s the former HARLEM libation the bar created that has proven to be, well . . . the bomb. —Ralph DiGennaro april 2010 / the tasting panel / 63 PHOTO: STACEY TAXIN PHOTO: DOUG YOUNG

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