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OuR INBOx August/September 2012 | FREE Yoga+Surf=Union Greg Long's winning formula RAJA YoGA integrating mind & matter what's wrong with botox pitting health against beauty pAtAGoniA escape to the end of the earth the "right" way to oRGASm emotional support doGS Biological and Homeopathic Dentistry • Metal-free zirconia implants • Mercury-free dentistry • Laser dentistry • Non-extraction braces for teens and adults • Biological treatment of gum disease 906 N. Glendale Ave. Glendale 91206 818.247.7828 On Facebook We love your letters! Please share your opinion and help shape future issues. Write to editor@wholelifemagazine.com. (Letters may be edited for space and clarity.) Saving Lives I love your magazine. The articles are inspiring and awakening. I believe that we all have the abil- ity to control our minds and bodies so that we can live life through inner peace, knowledge and health. Society fills us with things that harms and destroys. If we awaken our spirituality, then we can overcome it all. Whole Life Times gives us the opportunity to explore the many roads to true liv- ing. Thank you for decades of saving lives. —George Vreeland Hill, Beverly Hills Joseph Sarkissian DDS www.sarkissiandds.com (Global Information Network) GIN is the fastest growing networking and money-making opportunity in North America. Developed by author Kevin Trudeau (Natural Cures They Don't Want You to Know About). (541) 550-7304 ftrfoundation@aol.com 8 wholelifetimesmagazine.com Drafted into the military, I stayed in the military and became a serious soldier. Now in my 60s, a weekly private yoga session is a key part of my PTSD recovery. I live on the other side of the country so I can't take advantage of the fine prod- ucts and businesses advertised in WLT. However, I can learn from the very interesting and informa- tive articles. In particular, one dealing specifically with veterans and post-traumatic stress ("Find- ing Stillness within Trauma," Aug/Sept 2011) eventually connected me with my yoga teacher in Chappaqua, NY. Meeting Judi came at a very critical time, when I was in bad shape emotionally and physically. She quickly became a branch for me to grab and move forward, and live to enjoy "the now" and not the horrors of the past. I'm still myself, just more mellow, and after my yoga session, clear-thinking and rested. I also have bet- ter arm and knee range-of-motion than I'd had in many years. Thank you for helping me to live in a much more positive way with my loving family and seven grandchildren. Same-sex Marriage Why do you think all these stupid leftist protesters are trying to destroy this fine outfit Chick-fil-A? They don't discriminate against "gays." All some of them do is support straight marriage. So what. So does 70 percent of this country. Do these protestors realize or even care that if we legalize same-sex marriage, they would have equal rights to adopt kids? I think it is unfair that a girl would be raised by two dads and not have a mother when she goes through life's changes. Was it important to you at all to have a mother grow- ing up? I bet it was. And a boy having two moms and no father (especially when today the suicide rates for boys is going way up) is unfair. Kids need a mother and father. How about hate of children? Would that make sense to those who support same-sex marriage? Maybe those who oppose same-sex marriage could claim that! Also, why don't those foolish protestors picket Bill and Hillary Clinton for signing the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which recognizes only opposite sex marriage. Wouldn't that be 100x the hate of poor Dan Cathy (of Chick-fil-A) who simply supports what the Clintons stood for? —Richard Levine, via email Ed. reply: While we deplore Dan Cathy's atti- tude and despise the Supreme Court ruling that allows corporations to make donations as per- sons, we support Chick-fil-A's right to create its own policies, however misguided they may be. Our country is built on freedom of speech, and Cathy has the same right to express his opinion as protesters do to express theirs. Regarding children, there are so many children in need that anyone who chooses to provide a safe and lov- ing home for them deserves whatever support is available to all of us equally under federal law. Re your Worth Repeating column with quotes on gay marriage, abortion and sex outside of marriage (Au- gust/September 2012): At the Bayside, New York apparitions, witnessed by more than a hundred thou- sand people, both Jesus and Mary said homosexual- ity, abortion and sex outside of marriage were abomi- nations before God and punishable by an eternity in hell. The good news is as long as one is still breathing there's still time to confess and ask forgiveness. Our time on earth is brief. The afterlife is forever. —Joe Roth, via email —PB, via email Ed. reply: Visions and belief are as subjective as opinion, and justification can be found for almost anything. The one consistent law in all religions is some variation on "Love one an- other." We find it preferable to fear and threats.

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