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from the editor Professional Distribution Management Services For free newspapers & magazines provided by: News To Go ® Serving the Los Angeles area since 1978 www.newstogo.net distribution@newstogo.net 310-444-NEWS email: 6 wholelifetimesmagazine.com of course, but you'll also read about the true mean- ing of organic certification (pg. 26), and learn the full story behind last month's mainstream flap over a study claiming organic is overrated. You'll read about how living with cancer led one person to a healthier lifestyle (pg. 28), and why it's so important to vote in November for GMO food labeling (pg. 12). and if you're wondering how to make a fabulous raw kale salad with persimmons (pg. 20), you've come to the right place. Because however delicious and pleasurable any food may be, its most important function is to nourish. If you're not eating health, what is the alterna- tive? We all have a good sense of the statistics for obesity and heart disease in this country, but most of america still doesn't get the message. Isn't it ironic that we have an ongoing debate about "healthcare" and "health insurance," when it's all about illness? Happily the White House is now focused on nutrition and exercise—not just the president, but the first lady as well—and we're teaching more school-age children how to stay healthy for a life- time. That alone will result in tremendous health- care savings, so why would anyone possibly not support it? You can answer that question for your- self on pg. 14, where we examine the presidential candidates' positions on food and other weighty (pun intended) subjects. Who wins on Novem- In our Food issue you'll find taste-tempting recipes, Dear reaDers, Welcome to our Food is- sue! Plenty of magazines write about food, but our approach includes some important differences: We write about food for both taste and health, and we keep the health of the planet in mind as well. EDITOR IN CHIEF Abigail Lewis Elissa Michaud Bostrom Graphics ADVERTISING DIRECTOR GRAPHIC DESIGN CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Jeffrey Ainis, Nadia Ali, Lili Barsha, Derek Beres, Sandi Berg, Joanna Cazden, Conor Creighton, Kim Dinan, Maria Fotopoulos, Lara Hermanson, Katherine Jamieson, Jen Jones, Siel Ju, Emily Lewis, Amy Lyons, Celeste Perron, Jenny Rough, Caroline Ryder FACTCHECKER Jennifer Summers CONTRIBUTING ARTISTS COVER PHOTOGRAPHY TK HOLISTIC SERVICE DIRECTORY ADVERTISING Lara Hermanson (x 106) Lara@wholelifemagazine.com DISPLAY & DIRECTORY ADVERTISING LeeAnn Christian (x 103) LeeAnn@wholelifemagazine.com Raisah Ali, Danny Clinch, Kim Cooper, Steve Ryan, Sera Timms wh le life times PUBLISHED BY From my heart, and remind you how important it is to educate yourself and vote. There are people all over the world literally dying to be able to vote. even in the United states people have died for the opportunity to vote. and one of the reasons so much of the world would like to im- migrate to america is the ability we have to participate in our government. Our system is imperfect (personally I would prefer a parliamentary system so everyone can be represented and not just two parties; and instant runoff makes it much easier to vote your conscience and not just the less undesirable candidate), but divided as it is, it's still working better than most. If you care about clean food and a healthy planet, if for no other reason than you're concerned about your own personal health, please vote. and if you don't know where to register, a call or visit to the League of Women Voters will get that handled for you in a flash. Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and when ber 6 will have an impact on not just your grocery bill, but also what you put on your dinner table. The winning candidate will also steer our envi- ronmental policies for the next four years, and we are at an extremely critical time in climate change. all those insurance policy provisions that used to talk about some weather event being an "act of God"? Most of the ones we're seeing these days are acts of short-sighted humans. I'm going to hop on my soapbox here for a minute we are giving thanks for blessings in our lives, you will be right up there among them. We count on our wonderful readers, advertisers, contributors and vendors to help us continue to thrive. Thank you all for co-creating our community magazine with us. 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