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august 2017  /  the tasting panel  /  1 17 Brandon Torres What the Mixologist Loves: "I started with a solid base of Sandeman Tawny Porto 10 Years Old, then I added some Swedish Punsch that has dark flavors of smoke, molasses and leather. Next some cream Sherry that adds notes of fig, sweet raisin and dates. They really enhance and elevate the notes in the Port. I followed it up with a blackberry syrup, just like back home in Santa Cruz, and some fresh lemon juice for a touch of citrus to balance the cocktail. I have named this cocktail "Only Just a Dream." The dream-catcher legend tells of a thoughtful spider who spun a web to filter bad dreams away from the sleeping people of a village. Good dreams pass through the web. Bad dreams are caught and destroyed in the morning sun. The stone in the webbing brings good luck and prosperity. This dream-catcher was handmade, and it is a gift to receive one. Generosity is important to me and my family. Sharing experiences with one another is what living is all about." Only Just a Dream by Brandon Torres ◗ 1 oz. Sandeman Tawny Porto 10 Years Old ¾ oz. bourbon ◗ ¼ oz. Swedish Punsch ◗ ½ oz. blackberry syrup ◗ ¾ oz. lemon juice ◗ 1 barspoon of rare cream Sherry Shake and double strain into a coupe and garnish with a dream-catcher. A Neat Taste of Sandeman 1790 The year George Sandeman founded the family business. £300 The loan amount Sandeman took from his father to purchase a cellar of wine. 1813 Sandeman acquires the lodges at Vila Nova de Gaia, from where he shipped wines. 1928 The Don, a cloaked figure in a Portuguese student's cape and a caballero de Jerez hat, becomes the symbol of Sandeman. 2015 The House of Sandeman celebrates its 225th anniversary. 100,000 Number of visitors to the lodges annually. Brandon Torres with his cocktail Only Just a Dream.

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