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by Sam Hamer with Jennifer Winslow 24 The production methodology on this show is far from tra- ditional, some might say odd, I say unique. Being on I Love Dick (and Transparent) is unlike any production I have been involved with before or since. We start the day with a gathering of the crew and cast called 'Box.' This is the mo- ment where anyone can get up and speak about whatever is on their mind. It seems counterintuitive to spend fi ve to forty minutes talking and listening fi rst thing in the morn- ing, but it brings us all together in a way that doesn't hap- pen everywhere. It reminds us that we are all on the same side, on the same project and working toward the same goal. Production can be stressful, locations can be chal- lenging, daylight is fi nite, time is money, this is a morning moment and it reminds us that we are one family with one heart connection. Because we are able to share such per- sonal moments with one another via the Box, it allows us to build a very strong trust between the crew and actors. This ultimately, helps with the work by creating an environment where the actors are comfortable to have a Boom Opera- tor in the room during many very intimate sex and nude Kathryn Hahn & Kevin Bacon. (Photo: Jessica Brooks) I LOVE DICK S aying the title of this show, whether placing orders with a vendor or simply telling friends and family, gets their attention. The title I Love Dick is based on a series of "love" letters by Kathryn Hahn's character, Chris Kraus, written to Kevin Bacon's character, Richard, aka Dick. It is a story of obsession and "female desire," gone awry. Published fi rst as a book, then as a stage play, then as a TV show for Amazon, when Jill Soloway came onboard. Part way through mixing season three of Transparent, I was asked to work on another show created by Jill Solo- way and Sarah Gubbins and I jumped at the chance. Hav- ing been fortunate enough to have worked with Jill and the Topple family since Transparent season two, I was very excited and appreciative to get to work on another project with the same group. The fi rst thing I did was make sure my Boom Op, Eddie Casares, and Utility Ted Hamer were avail- able and interested. It says a lot for the work environment at Topple when both Ted and Eddie were immediately excited at the opportunity.

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