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Page 40 of 43 39 POST JULY 2017 stitched equirectangular media through programs such as After Effects. The problem with this is that users are limited to the basic point trackers built into the host, which are not optimized to work with VR content. Mocha VR dramatically simplifies this stabiliza- tion process by leveraging its 360-aware planar tracker, which allows users to track a stationary portion of an image, rather than a single point, and then set the virtual horizon line to the horizon line in the shot. Mocha VR's unique reorient module then uses the data from the tracker to keep that horizon line perfectly straight throughout the duration of the shot. This, coupled with the remove module, makes Mocha VR the perfect tool for cleaning up 360 footage shot with drones and rovers. THE REORIENT MODULE One of the modules that is entirely new for Mocha VR is the reorient module. This module's purpose is to allow users to reorient shots to achieve every- thing from simple horizon correction, to changing the "zero point" or "true north" of a scene so that viewers are able to see most of the action without altering their view. One of the interesting things about shooting in 360 as a medium is that much of the creative direction happens in post. When cutting together a piece for VR, creators must always be thinking about how to best leverage visual and audio cues to direct the viewer's gaze. Considering this, VR content creators use tools like the Mocha reorient module to keep the action centered on where the viewer is most likely looking. These adjustments are easily made on the fly with Mocha VR and even update in realtime when using the tool as an NLE plug-in. HOST INTEGRATION One of the best things about Mocha VR is that users can leverage all of its tools and features wherever they already work. Things like complex removals and stabilizations can all be done right inside the edit timeline or within their VFX host of choice. Users simply drop the plug-in on a clip and click the Mocha icon to launch the full Mocha VR interface. This is great because the familiar and friendly UI stays consistent, regardless of the host program. For my team at SubVRsive, this has proven to be invaluable, as it saves a significant amount of time by eliminating "round tripping" through different software packages and keeps a significant amount of the post process inside Premiere Pro and After Effects. ULTIMATE FLEXIBILITY Another key benefit of Mocha VR is that it isn't limited strictly to VR content. In fact, since Mocha VR has all of the features of Mocha Pro, it works interchangeably with both VR and traditional video content. If a creator wants to explore working in VR, but also edits traditional video, they do not have to buy both tools. Mocha VR is available for Mac, Windows and Linux, and licenses are available with the option to purchase, upgrade from Mocha Pro, or subscribe to an annual license. Additionally, just like Mocha Pro, Mocha VR is available as a stand-alone application or as a plug-in for a multitude of different software hosts, including Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Avid Media Composer, Foundry's Nuke, Fusion Studio and Sony's Vegas Pro. FINAL THOUGHTS Mocha VR brings powerful world-class VFX and production tools to the virtual reality content production landscape. By redesigning existing tools to work natively with VR content and adding new ones specific to the medium, Boris FX has filled a gap in the toolsets of VR storytell- ers with Mocha VR by providing a comprehen- sive software that proves itself valuable at every step in the post process. REVIEW VITAL STATS MANUFACTURER: Boris FX PRODUCT: Mocha VR PRICE: Options range from $300 to $1,995 WEBSITE:

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