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May / June 2017

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14 cgw m ay . j u n e 2 0 1 7 L OCAT ION, L OCAT ION, L OCAT ION ! CG-altered environments set the stage for a pair of TV series By Karen Moltenbrey ot everything appears as it seems on television. Sometimes an environment is so imaginative that it can only exist thanks to computer graphics. Other times, CGI is used to sell a realistic locale to television audiences, whether for conve- nience, cost, or some other reason. In the case of two television series in the spotlight, CGI and VFX helped establish vital story lines. In Designated Survivor, 3D imagery destroys the US Capitol, an event that is at the heart of this political series that just ended its first season. In the award-winning The Crown, CGI re-created famous British landmarks as they were in the early years of the queen's reign, as opposed to their appear- ance today. While the shows take place in two different time periods, they both attempt to establish believable settings that are familiar to many. N Karen Moltenbrey is the chief editor of CGW.

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