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WHAT IS BEING SAID ABOUT… AEA President Andrew F. Morrill This initiative will invest directly in our classrooms, allowing for reduction in class sizes, replacing aging infrastructures, installing state-of-the-art improvements, and retaining high-quality teachers with competitive pay and benefits. Support our rural communities, vote Yes on Prop 204. Chinle Education Association Education is important because it's the cornerstone of our democracy. If we don't continue to put our resources into our education, we're not going to compete globally. Phoenix Union CEA President Tom Oviatt I would be delighted if this passed because it would mean that people care about our children, they care about our schools, and they care about our future. Chandler EA President Dawn Koberstein The Quality Education and Jobs Initiative is needed in this state rather desperately. We do not have a dedicated funding source for K-12 education. It seems to come and go at the whim of whoever is in power. AEA Retired member Rae Ann Rumery Proposition 204 First and foremost, the Quality Education and Jobs Initiative is about education funding. Business leaders, community leaders, and parent networks have made that the priority. This initiative is needed because it gives voice to parents and teachers. It brings them together and supports our students. Our students deserve to be supported. Littleton EA member Stefani Jenkins This initiative is so needed because there's been a big disconnect between what voters and taxpayers want for children and education and what our state legislature has been doing. Children's Action Alliance President/CEO Daina Wolfe Naimark Education is the key to make sure that our students are prepared because we have to be ready for our kids to be engineers, mathematicians, and scientists. Arizona School Boards Association President Michael Hughes The funding from this initiative will go to K-12 schools, universities, and community colleges across the state to make sure that they have the funding they need to educate our students. Arizona State University student Michele Vered The initiative is needed because it will help provide a much better education for our youth to prepare them for the jobs of the future. Sundt Construction Company Chair J. Doug Pruitt

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