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June 2017

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48  /  the tasting panel  /  june 2017 PACKAGING Putting the BARREL on the Bottle JP. Chenet developed a genuine wood label for its Réserve line. JP. CHENET, THE WINERY KNOWN FOR ITS GOOSENECKS, GETS A NEW LOOK by Julie Chase T he bottle was iconic, but the label had lost its luster. And so, earlier this year, JP. Chenet, known for its tilt-necked bottles—named the Joséphine—set about on a bit of rebranding. Part of the problem for JP. Chenet was that, in their previous iteration, the winery had different families in one product range, but not enough distinction between those products. At first glance, customers likely couldn't distinguish a Réserve wine, such as the Réserve Chardonnay, from the house classic Chardonnay, although these cuvées are clearly different. BARREL Bottle Bottle JP. Chenet THE WINERY GOOSENECKS, NEW LOOK by Julie label had year, JP. Chenet, bottles—named bottles—named rebranding. was that, had different not enough At first glance, distinguish a Réserve Chardonnay, from these cuvées Bottle Chenet developed a genuine wood label for its Réserve line. WINERY GOOSENECKS, LOOK Julie Chase had lost its JP. Chenet, bottles—named bottles—named the the rebranding. that, in different enough glance, Réserve from the cuvées

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